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R5 – Rydel Lynch Tells Us About Their New Addictions

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Rydel Lynch of R5 at the TLA in Philadelphia.


Rydel Lynch Tells Us About Their New Addictions

by Maggie Mitchell

Are you looking for a new addiction? Well, my suggestion would be listening to the new R5 EP conveniently titled “New Addictions.”

The family group is made up of brothers Ross, Riker, and Rocky Lynch, sister Rydel and their close friend (and her boyfriend) Ellington Ratliff. This is their first studio recordings since the 2015 hit album Sometime Last Night. There are four new songs and one cover on this new EP. The cover is of the 80s classic INXS hit “Need You Tonight.”

The fans seem to have fallen in love with each song on the EP. After releasing it in early May, the band also announced a summer tour to promote their new music. The tour will take place across the US, then moving to Mexico, Europe, even Japan. They are taking the world by storm once again.

The group had been on a year break from touring, which is something the band isn’t used to. In previous years they toured constantly, with little time off. They took a year off for Ross to finish his some of his acting projects. They also spent the down time working on the new music that ended up on the EP.

Fans were excited to hear the new music, but even more excited to see them coming in concert and being able to attend some of the R5 shows. The group started the tour in Illinois and are making their way around country as we speak.

R5 at the TLA in Philadelphia.

A few days ago, we attended the Philadelphia R5 show. Before the show, we got to chat with Rydel Lynch to catch up with the band.

You are currently on the “New Addictions” tour with the band right now. How has it been?

It’s been great so far. We haven’t been on the road in a bit, so it literally feels so good to be back. It just keeps getting better and better. It’s been so much fun.

What’s going to be different about this tour than the ones you’ve done in the past?

We have a couple of little surprises in the show that the fans definitely wouldn’t expect. I mean, they probably know them because of social media and looking around at what other fans have been posting, so they might have an idea. It’s nice, because they are so excited for us to be back, since we haven’t been on tour for a year. They’re used to us never stopping. It’s been a good year break, so it’s just nice to be back.

You guys are taking the “New Addictions” tour all over the world. Which place are you looking forward to visiting the most?

I’m super pumped for Mexico. We have not been there in about two years. We did not make it Mexico on our last run. They have been patiently waiting for us for a while, so I’m super psyched to get back there. We are going to three cities in Mexico. We are doing Mexico City, which we have done before, and then we are doing Guadalajara. I forget the third city. [Ed. Note: It’s Monterrey.] We get to go to two cities that we haven’t been to before. Then, of course I am always pumped for Europe and Japan. Honestly, I’m excited to travel anywhere. The fact that we have people that will come to our show… it’s just so cool.

R5 at the TLA in Philadelphia.

Do you have any routines, or things you do to prepare for the show?

Before the show, we usually either run to dinner real quick and eat out. If we have time we eat dinner in. Riker is usually blasting music of some sort. We all are kind of stretching. We have a foam roller that we rotate, where you roll out your muscles. It’s very yogi. Riker is really serious about his foam roller. We all are rolling out our muscles, stretching, and jamming out to music.

You guys put out new music in the beginning of May. How has that been accepted?

It’s been amazing. I just love what Rocky, Ross and Ellington came up with. The four songs are amazing. People are loving the INXS cover, as well. What is cool is that when people come to the show, even if they are 18, they bring their parents sometimes. They love the INXS cover because all the parents know it. The reaction has been great. We put up a poll yesterday asking what your favorite song was, and every time I ask people I hear each song. Everyone loves every song on it. It’s great.

What makes the new music different from other music you guys have put out?

The main difference for the new EP is that it is completely 100% written and produced by us and no outside people. Rocky and Ellington made a studio in a house. It took them a second to build it, and the sound panels and everything. They built the studio in our house, and they have just been at it ever since. After Ross finished his movies, they just went nonstop writing this great material.

R5 at the TLA in Philadelphia.

What’s your favorite song off the new EP?

“Lay Your Head Down,” because it’s Rocky’s song. I have a funny story about that. Ellington was drumming in the garage. I was cooking in the kitchen. Ellington came running into the kitchen and was asking if Rocky was in the studio by himself, and was like “He’s singing and it sounds really good.” We ran and snuck into the studio and listened. Rocky was singing the lead and all the harmonies to “Lay Your Head Down.” We opened the door and were like “Bro, that sounds sick!” Ross wasn’t around to record so Rocky was doing it himself. It was just amazing because he wrote it all in one morning. From like 2-7am. We heard him recording it and were like “That’s amazing!”

You put out a video of a dance you choreographed for that song. Where did you come up with that idea?

Man, I don’t know. I’ve been dancing since I was little. I started teaching dance when I was 14. I feel like it’s just in me. I had choreographed a few dances before then. I heard “Lay Your Head Down,” and was like: we have to do this. One idea came after another. Let’s have a bed with white sheets. Then let’s make it look like an abandoned house with sheets all over. Then last minute I was like, pillows that we can just overflow with feathers. It’s a really fun hobby, I guess you could call it. I am very much a choreographer on the spot. I don’t think of it before; I really think of it on the spot.

Rydel Lynch of R5 at the TLA in Philadelphia.

What’s the best part about being in a band with your brothers and your boyfriend?

The best thing for me is that we are all together. I mean, we are together even when we are not on tour, because we are just really close. We are all just great friends and get along so well. It’s just nice to be working together, and travelling the world together.

Do you guys have any new surprises coming out that you can tell us about?

Well Rocky, Ross and Ellington rented a studio in Boston. They were recording vocals for some new songs that they have been working on. We are hoping to have more releases coming even sooner.

What can a fan expect from the show?

They should expect the greatest night of their life. All you need to do is come to a show and you will not regret it. Bring your friends. Bring your cousins. Aunts, uncles. I promise they will have a good time.

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