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PlayRadioPlay! – Breaking Through the Confines

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

PlayRadioPlay at the Trocadero in Philadelphia.

PlayRadioPlay at the Trocadero in Philadelphia.


Breaking Through the Confines

By Abraham Kuranga

Growing up in Aledo, Texas, young Daniel Hunter didn’t have much for which to look forward.  His father passed away at an early age and his mother wasn’t around due to her alcohol addiction, leaving Hunter on his own. This led to an early drug problem, forcing Hunter into rehab.

Upon completing rehab, Hunter had a brighter, fresher outlook on life, and turned his frustrations, anger and happiness into his musical alter-ego, PlayRadioPlay!. This one-man band is a reflection of Hunter’s new view on life.

“I’m not in music to make money, or be famous,” confesses Hunter.  “I make music to make others happy.”

One listen to Hunter’s EP, The Frequency, will have listeners trying to harness what they are hearing.  His garage sound is raw, yet eclectic and Hunter attributes that to his wide range of music taste.

PlayRadioPlay at the Trocadero in Philadelphia.

PlayRadioPlay at the Trocadero in Philadelphia.

“Growing up, I listened to all sorts of different things,” says Hunter.  Leading his influences are The Smashing Pumpkins, Sigur Ros, Poison and Pinback.

“I try not to listen to people that do what I do,” says Hunter.  “I just try to learn from those before me and pick and choose what I like about each.”

Asked if he could describe his music, Hunter paused then summed it up in one word, honest.

“People want honesty,” says Hunter.  “Too often, people write songs about stuff they haven’t experienced,” explains Hunter.

Music wasn’t always the goal for Hunter.  After creating hits in his garage for many years, Hunter planned on attending college.

As the teen put it, “I probably would be in college majoring in music production right now, if it wasn’t for MySpace.”

Hunter credits the social network for his current popularity.  After recording and posting his creations on his space, Hunter accumulated millions of plays from eager listeners and PRP! took off.  Due to the buzz that was generated, he was offered an opening spot for the punk-pop band Fall Out Boy as they trekked through the southwest.

PlayRadioPlay at the Trocadero in Philadelphia.

PlayRadioPlay at the Trocadero in Philadelphia.

“The initial fan response was unexpected,” says Hunter.  “I honestly was just creating music for the love of it.”

The resounding positive response couldn’t be — and wasn’t — ignored by recording labels, who all came knocking at Hunter’s bedroom door.  After signing with independent label, Stolen Transmission, Hunter inked a distribution deal with a major label, Island Records, part of the huge Universal Music Group.

The recently released EP, The Frequency, is chock full of fused electronica, pop, rock and punk.  For example, “Confines of Gravity” is a breezy, electronica ditty dealing with the ups and downs of life.  Hunter is able to keep the beat going in this introspective song, with its pulsating bassline and shimmering keyboard work.  Other album highlights include, “Bad Cops Bad Charities” and “Mr. Brightside.”  The latter is a unique take on The Killers international hit.  Hunter gives it the PRP! make over, complete with a techno rhythm, ripping chords and Hunter’s unmistakable voice.

With millions of cyber fans, PlayRadioPlay! is well on its way to being heard all over the world.  After a stint on the musicians launching pad that is The Warped Tour, Hunter is ready to return to what he loves best, making music.

“I just want to produce music,” reveals Hunter.  “I don’t care if I’m singing or someone else is.  I just want to be behind the process of putting out great music.”

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