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Tenacious D – The Mann Center – Philadelphia (A Concert Review)

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Tenacious D – TD Pavilion at the Mann – Philadelphia, PA – September 11, 2022

Rock On, But Don't Forget to Vote!

Tenacious D doesn't take themselves too seriously and quite frankly, that's part of their charm. From their crazy songs to their wild onstage antics, Tenacious D fans know what to expect, and love the insanity and excitement that the guys bring to every performance.

The other night was no different, but in this special, livestream performance from the Mann Center for Performing Arts in Philadelphia, PA, the popular comedy rock duo made up of actors and comedians Jack Black and Kyle Gass took the stage to share their music, make people laugh and also remind fans to rock now, but be sure to get out to vote in the midterm elections in November.

The comedic duo started making music together in 1994. Now, heading up to the 2022 US midterm elections, Tenacious D has partnered with several non-profit organizations like Rock the Vote. You could hear that ringing through the audience throughout the night – "Rock the Vote! Rock the Vote!" In addition, to further entice today’s youth to engage politically and have their voices heard, the guys have also teamed up with another social impact platform – Propeller – to inspire people to take action on important issues and VOTE in November. More about that below because they are offering an exciting twist.

When Black and Gass hit the stage, they opened the night with the fan favorite catchy tunes like “JB JR Rap,” “Woman Time” and “Save the World.” Concertgoers were immediately on their feet singing every word and dancing at the seats. The lighting was awesome, and the visuals were fun, original and kind of wild (just like the guys) – mega birds, dragon masks, etc.

Black's performance is still spot on – crazy and over the top (in a good way), which is what makes it so awesome and is what most people love about J.B.! Gass brings a bit more low-key energy to the stage while strumming on his guitar. They balance each other well, as they continue to live out their rockstar dreams. Their fans were loving it.

The entire show was a fun mixture of Black and Gass' comedic genius plus some serious messages about voting added in. They interacted a lot with the audience, joking, laughing and again, not taking themselves too seriously.

Some of the other fan favorites the pair rocked out to last night were “Low Hanging Fruit,” “Jail Break,” “Sax-a-boom,” “Beelzeboss” and “Kickapoo,” finishing up a very wild evening with their 2001 hit “F--- Her Gently.”

But back to the voting initiative – D-ciples everywhere can get involved and receive chances to win a trip to meet JB & KG, in-person in Las Vegas, as well as getting signed merchandise and memorabilia. The guys shared they are teaming up with social impact platform Propeller to inspire people to vote this November and to take action on important issues. For more information visit:

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Photos by Jack Farrell & JoJo Wagner © 2022. All rights reserved.

Except for “Win a Trip” picture and show drawing © 2022. Courtesy of Propeller. All rights reserved.


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