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You don’t expect subtlety from a drama when the lead actor’s nickname is “The Rock” and you don’t get it from Snitch.  Then again, if you are looking for a movie called Snitch, or for that matter a movie starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, you probably wouldn’t want delicacy or tact.

The slight problem is that Snitch is actually telling a very serious story, and the presence of the former wrestler makes it just a little harder to take seriously, whether that is fair to Mr. Johnson or not.

As professional wrestlers go, Dwayne Johnson is actually a very likable and rather able light action comedy star.  There is a reason that he has the closest thing to a legit acting career of any former WWE star.  Still, it is rare that Johnson has been called upon to play a serious dramatic role.  And while Snitch is far from Hamlet, it is swimming into waters that are a little more delicate and thoughtful than Johnson is used to navigating.

Snitch is “based on a true story” and yet does not feel even remotely realistic.  Still, it actually has a somewhat valid point to make about the war on drugs and the unfairness of criminal sentences for narcotics, even if it makes it in a slightly ham-handed way.

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