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Rozes – A Good Year for Rozes

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Rozes – Pepsi Creators Studio – New York, NY – July 20, 2016 – Photo by Mark Doyle © 2016.


A Good Year for Rozes

by Samantha Speiss

Heartbreaks aren’t such a bad thing, at least not in Rozes’ world. After suffering a broken heart, Rozes channeled her emotions and introduced her music globally.

Many officially heard Rozes for the first time in 2014 after she released her premiere single “Everything.” It wasn’t too long after that when she worked with DJ Just a Gent and featured in the song titled “Limelight.” Reaching millions of listens on SoundCloud, many realized Rozes had something special.

The Chainsmokers were one of the many, as they asked her to collab in one of their new songs, not coincidentally called “Roses.” The rest is history….

Rozes – Pepsi Creators Studio – New York, NY – July 20, 2016 – Photo by Mark Doyle © 2016.

How did the Chainsmokers approach you for the collaboration you did together?

They followed me on Twitter. [I found out] when I was in my college grocery store! I turned to my friend and I was like: Oh my gosh, the Chainsmokers just followed me. Then they messaged me, “Hey, we would love to collab.”

You know what’s funny, that’s the song that got the Chainsmokers where they are today. That’s how they were first broadly recognized. Did you write the lyrics to “Roses” with The Chainsmokers?

Yes. I wrote the melody and the lyrics to the song! We all call it our takeoff song. They had [previous singles] “Selfie” and “Kanye,” but “Roses” was the first one to hit top radio. Really nobody had faith in this song, to be honest. We were showing labels, they were dropped, all this stuff was going on. Then it took off on SoundCloud.

Rozes – Pepsi Creators Studio – New York, NY – July 20, 2016 – Photo by Mark Doyle © 2016.

Speaking of collaborations, who would you like to collab with in the future?

I was saying I would like to collab with Calvin Harris for the longest time, but I feel like I want to venture out and do something with Nicki Minaj – something in the hip-hop world. Maybe even The Weeknd, or the newer artist Khalid. I’m actually obsessed with Khalid, I would LOVE a collab with him.

Nice! Do you rap?

I do like Twenty-One Pilots type of rap. Honestly if I could just write with them that would be amazing.

Now you mentioned your college grocery store. What college did you go to?

I went to Temple [University in Philadelphia]! But I met the Chainsmokers while attending, so music became the forefront of my life.

Do you foresee yourself going back to college? Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Hopefully in ten years I will have Grammys, living in Malibu. I like to say that my intelligence isn’t something that’s measured like everyone else’s, such as on standardized tests. If you give me a creative writing class, I will tear it apart. I think back at how hard I worked in all the classes and I see that they didn’t really do much for me. I am not saying that school isn’t worth it, but regardless of education you learn just living on your own. Just being out in the real world.

Rozes – Pepsi Creators Studio – New York, NY – July 20, 2016 – Photo by Mark Doyle © 2016.

Are you working on any new music currently?

Yeah. I just got signed last week! We are working on getting my new single out on July 14th. I am really excited about it.

Congratulations, can you tell us about it?

Me and my brother, who is actually my producer, wrote the song called “Canyon.” It is about the election, because it was a really rough time for me. I have a friend who was on the other side of the spectrum. I am a strong Democrat and she is a strong conservative, so it was really hard for me to feel connected to her in that way. I just felt like she was disowning her womanhood, and was not there for her friends who were LGBTQ. So “Canyons” is about this thing between us that we have to get past, because we have to agree to disagree. It can even relate to any relationships, not just friendships.

Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

Be ready for my music!

Make sure to keep an eye out for Rozes upcoming single, “Canyons”. We are so excited to watch AND hear Rozes take the world by storm!

Copyright ©2017 All rights reserved. Posted: July 1, 2017.

Photos © 2016 Mark Doyle. All rights reserved.

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