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Riverdale Panel Recap: Paley Fest 2022!

Riverdale Panel Recap: Paley Fest 2022!

Fans gathered at the Dolby Theater on April 9 for a special screening of Riverdale, based on the Archie Comics, for Paley Fest 2022. Showing a new episode at the event, the plot moved across various subjects of superpowers, witchcraft, and gangs.

More excitingly, the cast gathered after the episode finished to greet the audience and participate in a Q&A with questions from the event host and fans. Although the show has been on for six seasons, it never fails to surprise with plot twists and turns. The creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa touched on many upcoming episode specials, such as a musical based on American Psycho where Riverdale enters serial killer territory, following in the footsteps of their Heathers musical episode from season 3.

Fans were especially excited to hear from Madeleine Petsch and Vanessa Morgan, actresses who play Cheryl and Toni, about seeing more of their on-screen relationship and LGBTQ+ representation. The stars noted that there will be more to follow soon and even scenes with Heather, Cheryl’s love interest, played by Caroline Day.

When the questions shifted to Lili Reinhart, Betty on the show, fans expressed their appreciation for her genuineness and advocacy for all shapes and sizes of people. She touched on her mental health struggles and said that she draws from personal trauma when she acts out sad and distraught scenes.

Something fans noticed about the sixth season is Cole Sprouse AKA Jughead’s missing beanie, in which Cole revealed that he took the original beanie from set one day and it remains at his house. After this, the costuming department used replicas in following seasons, but Jughead’s beanie is returning soon to fans’ anticipation. Sprouse has a distinct comedic way within his statements and even made jokes about Toledo being the place where characters go to die.

Get ready for more Riverdale coming to the CW, newly renewed for season 7, and check out Paley Fest next year for more events for your favorite shows!

Lindsey Blick

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Photo #1 © 2022 Michael Bulbenko. Courtesy of The Paley Center for Media. All rights reserved.

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