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Peter Hook & the Light – The Trocadero – Philadelphia, PA – September 14, 2013 (A PopEntertainme

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Peter Hook & the Light – The Trocadero – Philadelphia, PA – September 14, 2013 – Photo copyright 2013 Serge Levin.

Peter Hook & the Light – The Trocadero – Philadelphia, PA – September 14, 2013

What Peter Hook and the Light offered was a glimpse into the greatness of Joy Division and New Order. They also exposed the transition of the members of the first band surviving the tragic passing of their lead singer, Ian Curtis, and changing to develop the sound of iconic New Order. In a performance that lasted almost three hours, Peter Hook gave his all as he showed his appreciation for and his role in creating a sound that is now a part of music history.

Those late to the show may still be kicking themselves for missing Slaves of Venus, or Peter Hook & the Light’s name for covering a number of Joy Division classics. This included a rare B-side “In A Lonely Place,” which also happens to be the last song written by the late Ian Curtis.

The transition to Movement came in the form of “Ceremony,” which is both a New Order hit and one of the last songs written by Ian Curtis. Peter Hook then played through Movement, an album which still carries the signature bass and the dark lyrics of Joy Division, but with the emerging sound of New Order.

After taking a short break, the band returned to play Power, Corruption & Lies, the record where New Order came into its own. Finally, Hooky finished with the classic “Temptation” (featured in the movie Trainspotting), and closed with “Blue Monday,” which sent the crowd roaring into the memorable night.

Needless to say, any doubt regarding Peter Hook’s ability to carry lead vocals for two distinct bands has been shattered, as he sounded excellent while rotating between the bass and the guitar. His supporting cast consisted of his son, Jack Bates, on the bass, David Potts on guitar, Andy Poole on keyboard, as well as Paul Kehoe excelling at the drums.

Overall, Peter Hook & the Light put on an intimate show that felt like a heartfelt celebration of Joy Division and New Order, one which can stick with you for weeks and create a deeper appreciation for songs you already love.

Serge Levin

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