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Niall Horan – The Mann Center – Philadelphia (A Concert Review)

Niall Horan – The Mann Center – Philadelphia, PA – June 11th, 2024

It was a magical evening for Niall Horan fans in Philadelphia. The Irish singer/songwriter made a stop on his “The Show Live on Tour” tour in the City of Brotherly Love, making for an exciting night. The weather was beautiful, and the vibes were even better.

Del Water Gap kicked off the night with an electric set, preparing fans for the next few hours. The indie rock singer performed hits such as “Coping on Unemployment,” “To Philly,” “All We Ever Do Is Talk,” and more. He has such a way with his lyrics and talent that everyone, including parents, was on their feet. He closed out his set with the iconic “Ode to a Conversation Stuck in Your Throat,” which everyone sang along to. As the lights came back up and the familiar pre-show playlist came back on, fans knew it was almost time to see their favorite artist.

After a little while, the audience lights fully went down with spotlights illuminating the stage. Projected onto a curtain mid-stage were the words “Welcome to THE SHOW, starring Niall Horan!” Fans lost their minds, knowing what would happen in the coming moments.

The curtain raised as the first notes to “Nice to Meet Ya” began playing, and out stepped the man himself, Niall Horan. He shouted, “Welcome to The Show Live on Tour, lovers!” and fans quite literally lost their minds. Horan then went on to play a mashup of “Small Talk” and Stevie Nicks’ “Edge of Seventeen” which was a surprising treat. The rest of the set was riddled with Horan’s greatest hits such as “On the Loose,” “Never Grow Up,” and a rendition of One Direction’s “Night Changes.” Hearing a One Direction song live in 2024 was a special moment for fans, me included. 

Throughout the show, Horan made sure to build a strong connection with the audience. When finishing giving a speech between songs, he added, “I love this city. I love the people in this city,” which was an emotional moment for fans. Later in the show, he took the time to read signs in the audience. One standout sign read “We made you a teddy bear!” and Horan smiled from ear to ear reading it aloud. He then invited the fans up to the stage to give him the bear and then took a photo with the pair. Moments like this really show how much artists care for their supporters. 

The next portion of the show was clearly a fan favorite. Horan performed the romantic track “Black and White” followed by an acoustic rendition of “Flicker,” “This Town,” and “You Could Start a Cult.” For each performance during the acoustic set, fans held up their flashlights, creating a dreamlike atmosphere. This was easily one of the most beautiful moments of the night. 

The first single of this new era for Horan, “Heaven,” was an extremely memorable performance. As the song has a strong chorus as backing vocals, I knew it would sound incredible live. Boy was I right. Every. Single. Person. Was on their feet and belting the lyrics to this one. Oh, how I love live music!

After several more songs, Horan disappeared, and the amphitheater filled with anticipation for his return. The stage was illuminated with the singer’s presence again as he began to play “Heartbreak Weather.” This was clearly another crowd favorite, because seemingly everyone knew every single lyric, and remained on their feet for the duration of the song. Fans knew the night was coming to an end when Horan began singing “Slow Hands,” one of Horan’s biggest hit singles. This closing set was one of the best I’ve seen. The energy was absolutely contagious. 

Niall Horan’s performance in Philly was an experience that casual attendees and die-hard fans will remember and cherish for life. It is amazing to see an artist like Horan grow over the years, as he has been in the limelight since 2010. The Show Live on Tour is a must-see tour, get your tickets ASAP if Horan is stopping at a city near you!

Kayla Marra


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