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Madison Beer & Maggie Lindemann – TLA – Philadelphia (A PopEntertainment.com Concert Review)

Updated: Nov 5

Madison Beer & Maggie Lindemann – Theatre of the Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA – October 26, 2021

Before Madison Beer had arrived on stage her fans were waiting with anticipation wondering how much longer it would be before she would arrive? As the lights dimmed the fans began screaming, which felt like an octave higher than the likes of Miss Mariah Carey herself. As we patiently awaited her entrance, we were provided with visuals of Madison allowing herself to be taken into a UFO. This was immediately followed up by her arriving on stage to perform her hit single "Baby," for which the audience went wild.

As Madison entered mid-set donned in a canary yellow peplum dress and continued to perform each new song with her charismatic charm fans were ready with the response to her call. I recall a moment where she played her hit song "Boys**t" and one her much younger fans matching the borderline hyper pop energy of the song. The child's mother stood there in awe of how her child could even comprehend the message behind the song and even took a video, it truly felt like a Mean Girls at the Winter Talent Show moment.

The venue, Theatre of Living Arts, which has dual-level setting had the crowd split by age so most attendees 21 and above were in balcony seating. The energy, as one would expect was slightly different as one would expect. It felt more like "I am here because there is live music", but for the more upbeat songs everyone appeared actively engaged. For this specific event, it appeared the music was geared towards a younger crowd.

As Madison ended her set, she donned the stage in a silver metallic dress with gloves to match. This paralleled with the brighter visuals correlated with ending the show on a very literal “lighter note.” Overall, Madison has a vibrant stage presence and a commanding energy to match. It kept the audience wanting more, which inevitably lead to an encore to send the crowd off. She thanked everyone and harmoniously skipped off stage with her dancers.

Brandon Cannon-Lee

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