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Lumidee – Expect the Unexpected

Updated: Jul 26, 2022



Expect the Unexpected

by Abraham Kuranga

After literally exploding on the music scene with the Reggaeton-flavored “Never Leave You (Uh Oooh),” Lumidee has returned with the aptly titled Unexpected.  The Spanish Harlem native, born Lumidee Cedeño, has experienced the highs and lows of a successful single.  Now she is prepared to establish a successful career.

“All the success from the first single was too much too soon,” says Lumidee.  “It was hectic, scary and I didn’t know what to expect.”  Even with the overwhelming success of the single, Lumidee still found joy in performing it.  “I could perform it three times and people would still be singing all the words,” remembers Lumidee.

After moderate sales of Almost Famous, her debut album, the acceptance gained by her latest, Unexpected, is on another level.

“I truly wanted to show growth on this album,” says Lumidee.  “I definitely want to enjoy every moment.”

The journey began when Lumidee was a twelve-year-old Puerto Rican girl, growing up in the funky streets of Harlem.


“I always loved music, but I began rapping at first,” says Lumidee.  “I would freestyle with the people on my block, and eventually I started writing my ideas down.”

Her early influences include Mary J. Blige, Lauryn Hill and Missy Elliot.  “All of them could sing, but I was drawn to them because they all had edge to them,” explains Lumidee.

Edgy is an apt way to describe Lumidee’s second offering.  “It’s a mixture of all flavors,” says Lumidee.  “Hip-Hop, Latin, Reggae, Pop and R&B.”

Writing the new album proved to be challenging for Lumidee.  However, it was a test which she cherishes.

“I went overseas and being there was like boot camp,” says Lumidee.  “The everyday grind of the industry forced me to re-evaluate life and as a result, create real music.”


Unexpected is flooded with offbeat, island-flavored cuts, most of which are sure to be dance floor staples.  “She’s Like the Wind,” featuring crooner Tony Sunshine, playfully uses a snatch of the Patrick Swayze Dirty Dancing ballad of the same name and makes a great showcase for Lumidee and her rapping abilities.

Lumidee returns to more familiar territory on the Latin flavored “Crazy,” featuring Pitbull.  “Crazy,” with its rapid-fire beat is immediately infectious, highlighting Lumidee’s capability of moving a crowd.  Lumidee contributes the variety of flavors to her everyday emotions.

“They [songs] all represent me at different times in the process,” says Lumidee.  “They represent me in love, me happy, me angry, me confused, and me content.”

The one song that will surely stand out is the self-described in-your-face song, “He Told Me.”  The reggae/hip-hop flavored track once again boasts Lumidee’s ability to effortlessly flow from rapping to singing, all under one title.

The musical journey has been bittersweet for Lumidee.  After first signing with Universal Records, she is now under the banner of TVT, whose label roster includes Lil’ Jon, Ying Yang Twins and Pitbull.  It is this diversity and opportunity to work with different genres that Lumidee cherishes.

She now has her eyes set on a future collaboration that she hopes will lead to further success.  “J-Lo [Jennifer Lopez] is such a strong Latino influence,” says Lumidee.  “Everything she does, she has done well.”

It is this same influence that Lumidee hopes she can radiate to other music hopefuls.  “I hope I can do nine to ten albums, but I really hope I can help others succeed in music,” says Lumidee. “I do this for my fans, fighting to stay on top every day.”

With an attitude like that, future success for Lumidee will not unexpected.

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