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Clutch, Crobot, Valkyrie & Kingsnake – Electric Factory – Philadelphia, PA –12/28/2015 (A PopEnt

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Clutch – Electric Factory – Philadelphia, PA –12/28/2015 – Photo by Erik Gibbons © 2015

Clutch, Crobot, Valkyrie & Kingsnake – Electric Factory – Philadelphia, PA –12/28/2015

With just days to go until 2016, an amazing tour package consisting of Clutch, Crobot, Valkyrie and Kingsnake played to a jam-packed house at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia. The show had much to offer to those that were in attendance that night.

Kingsnake – Electric Factory – Philadelphia, PA –12/28/2015 – Photo by Erik Gibbons © 2015

Up first, Philadelphia’s own blues rock outfit Kingsnake. I wasn’t familiar with them at the time so I wasn’t sure of what to expect. After listening to their music, which can be found on most sites such as Bandcamp and Reverbnation, Kingsnake was actually quite intriguing to me. If I had to make comparisons to another band, I would say that they’re most similar to Fireball Ministry, with a small amount of Black Sabbath thrown into the mix. Their live show that night was just as good as their studio music promised. The entire set, from top to bottom, consisted of riffs that will resonate inside of you and solos that will have your ears ringing for days; all with good intentions.

Kingsnake’s set didn’t come and go like most opening bands, which is great because openers tend to have shorter sets than the other bands. Kingsnake made a connection with the crowd almost right away and maintained that bond right until the end of their set. Be sure to check out Kingsnake at their next show if you have the chance to do so.

Valkyrie – Electric Factory – Philadelphia, PA –12/28/2015 – Photo by Erik Gibbons © 2015

Up next, Valkyrie took the stage. Valkyrie is a doom metal, hard rock band hailing from Rockbridge County, Virginia. Valkyrie began their set with “Mountain Stomp” and continued to rip through tracks such as “Golden Age,” “Temple,” “False Dreams” and “Carry On.” Having Valkyrie on this short-but-sweet tour with Clutch and Crobot was a very smart move, because it sped things up a little bit and gave the crowd a nice little change of pace. The entire duration was thoroughly entertaining, particularly because I tend to listen to heavier music most of the time. Valkyrie has three albums available for purchase with Shadows being their most recent release. Valkyrie’s set was definitely a crowd pleaser.

Crobot – Electric Factory – Philadelphia, PA –12/28/2015 – Photo by Erik Gibbons © 2015

Thirdly, Crobot performed their set in front of what was already a fired-up crowd. At that point in the show, the fans were going absolutely bonkers. They had just witnessed two absolutely flawless performances, and Crobot was about crank things up to 11. Hailing from Pottstown, PA, which is about two hours away from Philadelphia, Crobot began with their hit song “The Legend of the Spaceborne Killer.” After that song came to a close, the crowd was immersed in the music; a great feeling that is. Crobot continued delivering every step of the way. They also played three brand new tracks entitled “Welcome to Fat City,” “Easy Money,” and “Play It Cool.” Between the non-stop action and energy that Crobot displayed that night, they certainly have a bright future ahead.

Clutch – Electric Factory – Philadelphia, PA –12/28/2015 – Photo by Erik Gibbons © 2015

Last but not least, the main attraction of the night. Clutch finally took the stage to end things with a bang. They began their set with the hit single “X-Ray Visions” off of their brand new album Psychic Warfare. The crowd was immediately engaged, belting out cheers of joy and every lyric coming out of front man Neil Fallon’s mouth, while completely losing their minds. They mainly stuck to songs off their latest release, playing six tracks off of Psychic Warfare. Between the solos, groovy bass lines, and the hard hitting drums, Clutch out did themselves that night.

All in all, the show was a complete success. From the opening act all the way to the big dogs themselves, everybody poured their hearts out.

Erik Gibbons

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Photos by Erik Gibbons © 2015

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