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Blue Ridge Rock Festival (Day 2) – Virginia National Speedway – ( Concert Photo

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

The Ghost Inside, Alpha Wolf, Bodysnatcher, Caskets & Stitched-Up Heart – Blue Ridge Rock Festival (Day 2) – Virginia National Speedway – Alton, VA – September 8, 2023

Mother Nature was not cooperating at the annual Blue Ridge Rock Festival as the five-day planned fest, with dozens of bands, was rocked by thunderstorms and other problems. Rain shortened both the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday lineups of the festival to the point that our photographer Kaylee Marie only got to see ten bands because she arrived on Thursday. Friday went on without a major hitch, but continued bad forecasts caused the promoters to completely cancel the Saturday and Sunday shows, although it ended up eventually clearing up on Sunday afternoon. So, here are photos of just some of the bands who actually were able to perform before the rain put an end to things.

Photos by Kaylee Marie © 2023. All rights reserved.


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