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Almost Monday – Bowery Ballroom – New York (A Concert Review)

Almost Monday – Bowery Ballroom – New York, NY – January 30, 2023

From the East coast to the West coast, indie-pop & rock band Almost Monday kicked off their Only Wanna Dance tour in the Big Apple on Monday night at the Bowery Ballroom. The band – Dawson Daughtery, Cole Clisby and Luke Fabry – brought their newest releases on their headlining tour, after touring with The Driver Era this past summer, with big energy.

With more than 1.3 million monthly listeners on Spotify, it’s no question that these boys are killing the game. The Bowery Ballroom had a line of fans wrapping around the block, all excited to kick off the tour with their favorite band. People traveled from long distances to be there in support, dance and have a good time.

The band’s neon sign shone bright, and the boys walked onto the stage. The band walked out with excitement, smiling from ear to ear. The energy from the fans, as well as their own, filled the venue with positivity and good energy. Their silhouettes earned screams from the crowd, fueling the fans’ excitement for the night to come.

Starting the night with one of their hit songs, “Broken People,” the dancing began. Cheers and singing filled the room. Playing their most iconic songs, “Cough Drops,” “Sunburn,” “Sun Keeps On Shining” and more, the dancing just got groovier, and the excitement somehow just kept on leveling up! The energy that these boys brought onto the stage was an instant serotonin boost for the entire crowd. There was not one still person in sight; everyone was truly feeling the music and living their best life. The show just kept getting more and more entertaining as the minutes ticked away.

Their stage presence was very vibrant and inviting. The band was incredibly interactive with the crowd, with front man of the band, Dawson Daughtey, taking a fan’s BeReal. The movement the band had was incredible; their performance did not wash down at all, despite all the energy they were putting into the show, walking and jumping around on stage. There was truly not a dull moment the whole night.

This show might have been one of the best shows I’ve attended. What can go wrong with catchy beats, smooth moves and a fun crowd to spend the night with?

Almost Monday is on tour across America until February 23rd, where they’ll be finishing off the tour in their home state of California. Catch them on tour if you can, and make sure to put on your most comfortable pair of shoes because all you really wanna do is dance.

Tamara Catania

Copyright ©2023 All rights reserved. Posted: February 2, 2023.

Photos by Tamara Catania © 2023. All rights reserved.


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