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Yoke Lore & Girl House – Irving Plaza – New York (A Concert Review)

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Yoke Lore & Girl House – Irving Plaza – New York, NY – August 23, 2023

The concert kicks off with a burst of energy that instantly sets the tone for the night. Girl House's front-woman Lauren Luiz captivates the crowd with her soft but strong vocals and genuine connection with the audience. It's evident that the band's passion for their music is infectious, as the entire venue comes alive with excitement. What truly sets apart Girl House is the emotional depth and balance that they bring to their songs. Their honest and vulnerable ballads "Worth It", "Pretty Girl in LA" and "the Fatalist" tug at heartstrings while still igniting a dance-worthy frenzy.

The buzz of anticipation and excitement is thick and tangible when suddenly a wave of vibrations fill the space, almost like a tuning fork, synchronizing the audience’s energy for even flow. With how fast paced and trend-driven the music scene has become, it's hard to come by something that is purposeful and focused on human connection but man, once you do it's hard not to notice. Yoke Lore is heavy on bringing the spotlight that connects us, the human experience.

Front-man Adrian Galvin's sincerity is infectious, he moves with passion and bears it all on stage as he switches between banjo and acoustic guitar, playing both with a fervor that is a sight to behold. He is transparent with his mission, pausing in-between to make his intent clear, "to make the personal infinite." The performance feels more like an intimate gathering, an exchange and reflection of our experiences on this plane.

Yoke Lore makes it easier to put your guard down and be gentle with yourself. Opening tracks "Fake You", "Chin Up" and "Seeds" are sung with a rawness and vulnerability that can't be replicated. The stage is decorated with countless lightbulbs that flicker a kaleidoscope of colors throughout the performance, evoking a sense of visual storytelling that enhanced the overall experience, a beautiful display of holy havoc.

Natalie Orozco

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