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Willow – The Novo – Los Angeles (A Concert Review)

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Willow – The Novo – Los Angeles, CA – October 31, 2022

Pop-punk superstar Willow performing to a packed house at The Novo on Halloween – and on her 22nd birthday – was an electric night that was captivating from start to finish!

The crowd's roaring cheers began before the lights were even on, as Willow was wheeled out lying down in the dark on a yellow couch. The applause only intensified as the lights switched on to reveal Willow in a Wolverine costume and in a superhero stance.

Off the heels of her new 11-track album released on October 7th, <COPINGMECHANISM>, this tour showcases Willow confidently standing her musical ground and why she has maintained such longevity. She seamlessly transitioned from high energy anthems like "WHY?" to melancholic pieces like "Split" to beloved hits like "Wait A Minute!" to intense shredding on the guitar – continually holding a tight grip on the audience's attention. The show's lighting further made the show memorable, featuring colorful flashing beams in sync with the beat and a large screen that displayed the lyrics in the style of her nostalgic font from the album.

A memorable part of the set was Willow's talented opener De'Wayne bringing out a cupcake with a candle that transformed the entire crowd into a beautiful choir singing happy birthday to Willow, with confetti streamers perfectly timed to blast out from the stage. There was no shortage of show stopping moments with a cameo from her brother, Jaden Smith, who came on stage to sing their catchy song "Summertime in Paris" together while he enthusiastically interjected "Happy Birthday" in between choruses. They rounded out this performance with a huge hug, kicking off an impassioned speech from Jaden: "[...] She's changing the world with everything she does. I'm so proud of her as a big brother. I'm so proud of her as a person. [...] She is the most amazing person that I know."

Fans finished off the night by waving the confetti streamers in the air while dancing to Willow's songs – their energy so palpable that the ground shook with every beat from everyone's jumps. Next to none are able to be 10 years into a stellar career at 22 and continuing to massively grow, but Willow does it with ease. It's clear that Willow is here for the long run.

Larisa Jiao

Copyright ©2022 All rights reserved. Posted: November 3, 2022.

Photos by Larisa Jiao © 2022

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