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Updated: Apr 7, 2020



There’s a new boy band coming to town and it’s impressive lineup contains…  Oh yeah!  We don’t know!!

It’s not a first, though.  Have you ever heard of Klaatu?  Nope?  Ask your parents.  Maybe even your grandparents.  In the 1970s a mysterious band named after a robot in an old sci-fi movie (The Day the Earth Stood Still) released a whole album with no band member names, no pictures or faces, just a mystery band.

Quickly the album became a hit, with the public coming up with the idea that The Beatles, who had broken up several years before, were recording again as Klaatu.  Turns out it wasn’t the Fab Four, but their debut Klaatu became a surprise cult classic.

That brings us to the case with the new mysterious boy band – TOPLINE.  Based out of LA, TOPLINE is gaining lots of excitement and buzz online in addition to growing a pretty loyal fans who call themselves TOPLINERS.  The mysterious bunch has already racked up an impressive 69K Twitter followers (@therealTOPLINE) though, did we mention they don’t know who they are yet?!

Promoters continue to tease TOPLINE’S new single titled “We Love It” using the hashtag #whoisTOPLINE with some mysterious hints like an audio clip and promo pic with no faces showing of course.

We’re hoping that with all the buzz they’re seeing on social media, TOPLINE might give their fans and us some more hints, and even just go ahead and spill the beans as to who makes up this mysterious new trio!  Or are they a quartet?  A quintet?!?!

So what do you think?  Who is TOPLINE?  We can safely say they are not The Beatles, but who?  Any ideas?  Get out there and spread the word about #whoisTOPLINE and maybe, just maybe they’ll give us the answer a little sooner!!

Deborah Wagner

Copyright ©2015 All rights reserved. Posted: July 5, 2015.

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