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Valley & Aiden Bissett – TLA – Philadelphia (A Concert Review)

Valley & Aiden Bissett – Theatre of the Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA – April 25, 2023

On Tuesday April 25th, TLA in Philadelphia welcomed Valley joined by Aidan Bissett for an incredible opening night of their tour for their upcoming album, Lost in Translation. Fans gathered excitedly in the venue as the night started off strong with an incredible set from Aidan Bissett!

At around 8pm, Aidan Bissett took the stage with confidence as he started out his set with some of my favorite songs, including “Grocery Store Girl,” and “I Can’t Be Your Friend.” He interacted with the crowd well as he moved through his set, even teasing some new, unreleased music! He continued with “Twenty Something,” a cover of “Sex on Fire” by Kings of Leon, new single “Out of My League,” and finally, my personal favorite, “Tripping Over Air.”

I’ve been listening to Aidan Bissett for a while now, so I was really excited to see him on the lineup for this tour! His energy was consistent throughout his entire performance, and he made sure to get the crowd dancing and up off their feet!

Up next at around 9:10pm was Valley! Cheers echoed throughout the venue as the lights went low and they took the stage one by one, beginning their set with “There’s Still a Light in the House,” “Throwback Tears,” and “Lost in Translation.” Valley had immense energy from start to finish, and the crowd reciprocated this energy right back.

The atmosphere in the venue was incredible as Valley was surrounded by vibrant blue and purple lights on stage. Their connection to the crowd was amazing to watch as they shared how excited they were to be in Philadelphia. Valley continued their set with sucks to see you doing better, Natural, and my personal favorite song by them, “Oh Shit... Are We In Love?”

As Valley played some of their newest releases, “Good, But Not Together” and “Break For You,” they mentioned that they would be releasing their upcoming album Lost in Translation this summer on June 23rd. This was met with screams from the crowd as they stated that this meant they would be touring once again following the release of the album!

Valley wrapped up their set with fan-favorites “Sports Car,” “Like 1999,” “Paper Cup (Sorry For Myself),” and “Hiccup.” Valley was a band I had been wanting to see, and this show exceeded all my expectations. Overall, it was an amazing opening night with two really strong performances. The Lost in Translation tour will continue through early June, so if you can make it out to a show, you’re in for an incredible night!

Emma Fox

Copyright ©2023 All rights reserved. Posted: April 28, 2023.

Photos by Emma Fox © 2023. All rights reserved.

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