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Tyrone Wells – Hold On (A Music Review)

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Tyrone Wells - Hold On

Tyrone Wells – Hold On

Tyrone Wells-Hold On (Universal Republic)

Effortlessly combining pop, soul, folk and rock, Tyrone Wells has masterfully crafted a perfect mainstream debut.  The Seattle, Washington native recently released Hold On, his first major label offering.  He previously released Hold On via the internet, building a buzz and gaining a loyal fan base.

Hold On opens with by far the strongest message on the album, all within “What Are We Fighting For?” The words “It’s time to love one another/we’re sisters and brothers/what are we fighting for?/Too many backs that are breaking/lives being taken/What are we fighting for?” lead the politically charged chorus.  Fully equipped with a gospel choir, the message of love not war resonates with great appeal.

The collection could easily be a letdown from this point on, but it remains successful in well-crafted tracks.  “Sea Breeze” is a pretty song, lamenting about grace and beauty of a love interest.  The unique comparison of his lover to the winds comings off the coast are coupled with wispy guitars and a passionate voice, Wells transplants listeners to the sunset on shoreline walks.  It is readily apparent that Wells has an appreciation for all genres.

Hold On dips its brush into every color of every genre, painting an irreplaceable masterpiece.  “Sugar So Sweet” is an example of a soulful, seductive record similar to Prince.  Wells voice is perfect for this genre-bending style, with his edgy yet fluid deliver.  He seems to make each song a different journey, from the opening chords to the closing cymbal crash.

Hold On is an addicting blend of everything right about music; passion, edge, flawless musicianship, great songwriting and more than capable vocals.  No doubt Tyrone Wells will grab listener’s ears and take them along for what is sure to be an engaging ride.  You better hold on!

Abraham Kuranga

Copyright © 2007 All rights reserved.  Posted: June 9, 2007.

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