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Twin XL, Little Hurt & RH2 – Bootleg Theater – Los Angeles, CA – October 8, 2019

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Twin XL – Bootleg Theater – Los Angeles, CA – October 8, 2019 – Photo by Camille Jessie © 2019

Twin XL, Little Hurt & RH2 – Bootleg Theater – Los Angeles, CA – October 8, 2019

A Tuesday at the Bootleg Theatre calls for great music from underground artists. Headlining the night recently were the band Twin XL who were supported by RH2 and Little Hurt.

RH2 is led by Dylan Jackson Scott, who might seem familiar due to his past groups, Young Rising Sons and Rad Horror. This is a fresh start for Scott and his three band members, as they just released their first single “In My Head” in August. A small yet energetic crowd appreciated Scott’s untamed energy while the band also played “What Would You Do Without Me?” and a throwback cover of “I Want You to Want Me” by Cheap Trick.

The next act was at the Bootleg performing his first show solo as Little Hurt. Singer Colin Dieden started as a front man in The Mowglis for almost a decade and has moved on to become a solo artist under the name of Little Hurt. His past journey has been long and emotional, but this new future is about expressing those emotions as a catharsis through his new song “Good as It Gets” and his upcoming EP.

As a bright neon “Ł” logo illuminated the venue, fans crowded the venue as Twin XL took the stage, beginning the show with “Friends.” Formed in 2017 as a group of musicians, songwriters, and producers, the trio announced the show as a celebration of their brand-new album, How to Talk to Strangers, on vinyl.

The band, consisting of The Summer Set members Stephen and John Gomez and Nekokat member Cameron Wright, have opened for many different artists, such as Fitz and the Tantrums and The Mowglis. Their set continued with “Sunglasses” and “Neon Summer,” two of many popular songs from their debut album.

How to Talk to Strangers, released under Position Music, encompasses the “anti-pop” indie genre that is Twin XL. Songs on the album range from cheerful, synthetic rhythms to darker, catchy bass lines. In the intimate venue, their music ran through the floor and echoed back through the packed crowd.

Despite only seven songs released, Twin XL performed each one like it was their last. Lead singer Cameron Wright explained that they have performed many Los Angeles shows this year but appreciate the support fans and friends bring when they come to each. The group saved their hit “Good” for last and certainly made the crowd feel good too.

For a magical time, be sure to check out Twin XL as they join The Maine this fall on a national tour and listen to How to Talk to Strangers, out on vinyl now!

Mia Jessie

Copyright ©2019 All rights reserved. Posted: October 11, 2019.

Photos by Camille Jessie © 2019

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