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Trainwreck (A Movie Review)

Updated: Apr 5, 2020




Starring Amy Schumer, Bill Hader, Brie Larson, Colin Quinn, John Cena, Tilda Swinton, Vanessa Bayer, Mike Birbiglia, Ezra Miller, LeBron James, Brie Larson, Randall Park, Amar’e Stoudemire, Norman Lloyd, Cliff “Method Man” Smith, Dave Attell, Bridget Everett, Nikki Glaser, Matthew Broderick, Chris Evert, Marv Albert, Tony Romo, Kyle Dunnigan, Kevin Kane, Tim Meadows, Jim Florentine, Bobby Kelly, Ryan Farrell, Robert E. Torres, Devin Fabry, Carla Oudin, Leslie Jones, Pete Davidson, Daniel Radcliffe and Marisa Tomei.

Screenplay by Amy Schumer.

Directed by Judd Apatow.

Distributed by Universal Pictures.  124 minutes.  Rated R.

As much as I wanted to be able to say, “the movie Trainwreck was… well… a trainwreck” I am unable to truthfully do so. In fact, Amy Schumer’s big screen debut is simply anything but. Already being hailed as one of the year’s top comedies, Trainwreck is fantastic.

Not only was Trainwreck downright hilarious, it was also important. Schumer’s character, a “modern chick who does what she wants” is not the typical female romantic comedy star that we’ve come to know very well.

In fact Schumer’s character, Amy, was much more representative of a stereotypical male character in the films, turning the tables on clichéd slots for women in comedy. Schumer used comedy here to make a statement, much like she does in her TV show, Inside Amy Schumer.

Schumer uses the film as a tool, highlighting changing modern times and expressing women’s sexuality in a more modern way. She doesn’t put it on a pedestal however. The film shows both positives and negatives to the more carefree lifestyle, making the point that it’s important to both find balance and be bold in our lives.

Schumer wasn’t the only standout in the film. Wrestler John Cena makes an appearance as Amy’s softie fling. His improvised lines and physical reactions garner a memorable performance that is both comedic and surprising. The same goes for basketball superstar LeBron James, who stars as former Saturday Night Live standout Bill Hader’s character’s client and confidant.

While the comedic value of Bill Hader’s performance is much less of a shock, his starring role as doctor Aaron Conners really lets him shine. He plays the stable half of the relationship with Amy, a calm, collected guy who strikes a good balance for Amy.

While the film was a comedy, it did have it’s more serious moments, as all good comedies should. These serious moments do not drag on, and are effective in letting the story move forward.

In a film with an outrageous amount of guest stars, ridiculous situations and hilarious one liners, there was also time to take things seriously, evaluate the  choices made, and truly appreciate a good laugh. Trainwreck is a great film, and I highly recommend it.

Ally Abramson

Copyright ©2015 All rights reserved. Posted: July 26, 2015.

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