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Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe (A Book Review)

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Hirohito Araki – Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe (Viz Media)

The JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure franchise has been famed for beating the test of time. Created by Hirohito Araki in 1987, this series has just last year completed its 35th year of production.

With its story’s complexity and large cast of characters, a spin-off story was bound to happen. Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe was originally published in 1997 as a spinoff to the fourth installment of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series, Diamond is Unbreakable.

The spin-off contains a collection of one-shot short stories following the research-based adventures of Rohan Kishibe, a determined manga artist who is known to JoJo fans as someone wanting nothing more than complete realism in his work. This collection of short stories shows just how far he will go to achieve this.

Throughout the volume, readers will learn of strange events and rumors as they are investigated by Rohan. However, despite the thrilling plots of each one-shot, the readers will also see the stunning and unique artwork created by Mr. Araki.

The JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure franchise has been known for its distinctive art style, and ability to never run out of outlandish situations for its characters to find themselves in. Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe is no different. It was purely enjoyable just to turn the page and see the amount of creativity that has been put into every detail.

If you are looking for a different type of mystery and adventure story, give Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe a read. And stay tuned for a second installment of Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe releasing later this year. Released by Viz Media.

JoJo Wagner

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