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The Walking Dead SDCC Comic-Con @ Home Panel Discusses The 24 Episode Finale

The Walking Dead SDCC Comic-Con @ Home Panel Discusses The 24 Episode Finale and What It's Like Working In Pandemic Mode

By Lindsey Blick

During the Walking Dead Panel, there was a lot of discussion about the upcoming 24-episode finale. Chris Hardwick, Scott Gimple, showrunner and EP Angela Kang teased how everything ends. Cast members Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Lauren Cohan, Khary Payton, Christian Serratos, Josh McDermitt, Eleanor Matsuura and Michael James Shaw talked about what could be next for their characters.

Alexandria is left in ruins and a shell of the city it once was after the devastation of the Whisperer War, whose survivors from the Kingdom and Hilltop are joining them now as they struggle to maintain their walls and feed an expanding population.

Although The Walking Dead is nearing its finale, it is far from being the end of the series. During the show's Comic-Con@Home panel this year, the cast and creators shared hints about the 24-episode finale.

Rather than foreshadowing the upcoming season, the panel let the show's Season 11 trailer do the heavy lifting, delivering on the show's promise to get back to its post-pandemic roots and get bigger with action, dynamics, and surprises.

During the panel, Kang mentioned that Season 11 would get a little "scope-y" and it seems that she wasn't kidding.

Along with many other panels, discussing how the pandemic is affecting filming was also a huge topic discussed.

“Of course, the pandemic changed everything about how we did things," Kang said, referring to the past six episodes of Season 10. "It was great doing these kinds of intimate episodes for 10C. But we're definitely going out with a bang,

“We're going to bring some new stories and new characters," she teased of Season 11. "We're going to bring some new stunts, scaled-up sets, and (of course) some high stakes drama," she promised.

Furthermore, the panel teased that military leader Mercer (new cast member Michael James Shaw) will play a vital role in the series, and the trailer shows sneak peeks at him and the soldiers who will serve under him.

As they were trying to keep from giving too much away, they didn't go into all the details about exactly how Mercer fits into the series. Even so, based on the reactions of the cast, it's shaping up to be quite an experience for viewers.

Scott M. Gimple, the producer behind the new split, three-part season, told us it was “a big tale with a lot of twists and turns. Each eight-episode cycle is reimagined, and this episode is three of eight... we’re going to give fans an epic, extended goodbye that will do it right. That will end more than ten years right.”

Sounds like we all have a lot to look forward to!

You can check out the full panel on YouTube and the new trailer here.

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