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The Fray – The Music Box – Atlantic City New Jersey – July 26, 2014 (A PopEntertai

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The Fray – The Music Box – Atlantic City New Jersey – July 26, 2014 – photo by Ally Abramson © 2014

The Fray – The Music Box – Atlantic City New Jersey – July 26, 2014

When a great band is coupled with a great venue, the results are astounding. Returning to New Jersey where they first performed a decade ago with Weezer, The Fray recently played the Borgata of Atlantic City in the Music Box Theatre.

And it was just that, astounding.

The theatre is set up as a spacious mini stadium – big enough to fit hundreds of people, yet small enough to offer great acoustics. It’s the perfect venue for a band like the Fray, whose music is well known for its different approach.

The Fray involves many classic instruments found in rock music – such as bass guitar and drums – but they also frequently use the piano, creating a lighter, unique sound that is always recognizable as The Fray.

This concert differed from most because The Fray did not have an opening act. While opening acts are great when they are there, they often make a concert much less cohesive. The first band may not match the vibe of the second and there must be a break in the show to set up for the other band.

During this concert, there was no pause between acts. All of the music was consistent to one main sound. It created two hours of awesome energy, with the music to match.

The band also added to the overall vibe of the concert with their intensity and dedication to giving a great performance. When a band really gives it their all, the performance reflects that and for two hours, The Fray did just that on the stage, even bringing their performance into the crowd briefly.

Songs performed varied in tempo, from the melodic “How to Save a Life” to the current up-tempo hit “Love Don’t Die.” The audience was engaged the entire time, screaming with enthusiasm and singing along to nearly every song. The Fray really knows how to give a great performance.

Ally Abramson

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