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Sun Room & Sports Team – TLA – Philadelphia (A Concert Review)

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Sun Room & Sports Team – TLA – Philadelphia, PA – October 8, 2023

On Sunday, TLA Philly welcomed Sun Room joined by Sports Team for an incredible show on their Fall Tour. The San Diego based band consists of lead vocalist Luke Asgian, guitarist Ashton Minnich, bassist Max Pinamonti, and are joined by drummer and friend Thomas Rhodes on this tour. After playing this same venue in March 2023 while opening for Inhaler, Sun Room delivered an incredible performance as they brought the sound of summer back to Philadelphia.

Up first to kick off the night was the London based band Sports Team! The English alternative rock band came out with a bang, immediately filling the venue with energy, passion, and incredible music. The connection between band members was clear, and their interactions and engagement with the crowd were fun to watch. Their set consisted of songs such as “The Game,” “Here It Comes Again,” “Dig!” and “The Drop.” Throughout their performance they consistently thanked the audience, sharing their excitement about performing in Philadelphia. The audience shared this enthusiasm, as they were off their feet and smiling widely throughout the entirety of Sports Team’s performance.

At around 9pm, the lights went low, and cheers rang throughout the room as Sun Room took the stage. They began their set with a groovy instrumental, before transitioning into their first few songs. They kicked off their set with “Just Yesterday,” “Crashed My Bike,” and their brand new single, “At Least I Tried.” From beginning to end, their performance was full of groovy bass lines, smooth guitar riffs, and powerful vocals as fans sang along to each and every word. Their set also consisted of quite a few unreleased songs, including “Sunset Blvd,” “Cut My Hair (Darling),” “Cherry,” “Kickin Rocks,” and “Can’t Explain.” They also performed a captivating cover of “Roadrunner” by The Modern Lovers.

As their set continued, they interacted playfully with each other and the audience to keep them engaged. Bassist Max Pinamonti even took the time to show off his skills and recite the ABC’s backwards! Fans laughed and smiled as they carried on with songs “Kaden’s Van,” “Fun,” “Sunset Garage,” “Outta Their Minds,” and “Red Dress.” They finished with an encore of their song “Cadillac,” and stated how much they appreciated the Philadelphia crowd. Overall, Sun Room put on a captivating and engaging performance, with upbeat music guaranteed to get you off your feet. Be sure to stream their latest single “At Least I Tried” and keep an eye out for the release of their upcoming EP!

Emma Fox

Copyright ©2023 All rights reserved. Posted: October 10, 2023.

Photos by Emma Fox © 2023. All rights reserved.

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