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Suki Waterhouse & Blondshell – Union Transfer – Philadelphia (A Concert Review)

Suki Waterhouse & Blondshell – Union Transfer – Philadelphia, PA – January 27, 2023

On Friday, Union Transfer in Philadelphia welcomed incredible indie artist, Sabrina Teitelbaum, also known as Blondshell for a sold-out show. Currently on the road with Suki Waterhouse on her “Coolest Place In The World” tour, Blondshell took the stage with grace and confidence.

Starting off her set with songs “Veronica Mars” and “Cartoon Earthquake,” Blondshell instantly took control of the room. Her powerful vocals and stunning range captivated the audience. She continued with songs “Sepsis,” “Joiner,” and “Olympus,” and was incredibly interactive with the crowd through her entire set as the audience members reciprocated her energy.

She continued her beautiful performance with a cover of “Disappointment” by The Cranberries. Many fans sang and danced along as she performed a stunning rendition of the song. Blondshell and her band had irresistible energy and chemistry together, making for a very strong performance. The audience was full of smiles and cheers as Blondshell posed with the crowd for a selfie! Blondshell ended her set with the songs “Kiss City” and “Tarmac,” making an impression on the crowd and setting a wonderful tone for the rest of the night.

Taking the stage after Blondshell was the wonderful Suki Waterhouse. Once the lights went dark, the eager crowd went wild as Suki Waterhouse kicked off her set with songs “Bullshit on the Internet” and “Devil I Know.” The crowd was instantly full of happy faces as they sang along to their favorite songs. Waterhouse shared how happy she was to be in Philadelphia, as she introduced some of her next songs, “Neon Signs,” “On Your Thumb,” and “To Love.”

Both Blondshell and Suki Waterhouse together made for an incredible performance, and it’s safe to say that they both left a powerful impression on the crowd. Make sure to grab a ticket to see Blondshell and Suki Waterhouse before the tour ends on February 11th, and pre-order Blondshell’s debut album, Blondshell, out April 7!

Emma Fox

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