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Rex Orange County – The Fillmore – Philadelphia, PA – February 11, 2020 (A Conc

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Rex Orange County – The Fillmore – Philadelphia, PA – February 11, 2020

Alexander O’Connor, a 21-year old English artist who is better known as Rex Orange County, took the stage on February 11 at The Fillmore in Philadelphia. Doors opened at 7pm, but the line was wrapped around the block, full of excited fans, ready for their night to begin. Once inside, the background music set the soothing yet engaging tone that the rest of the night would show. Everyone in the building was getting more eager with each passing minute. Suddenly, the lights dimmed, and the floor was electrified with screams.

O’Connor ran onto stage with the music from the band leading him out and immediately waved to his beloved fans. The buzzing of the thrilled audience shrieks was the kind that rings in your ears, but in a good way. With no hesitation, he opened with his first song, “10/10,” and the crowd went insane.

“Hello! Good Evening! Hello! I’m Rex Orange County, and we’re in Philly, is that right?” he asked, followed by yet another buzz across the floor. His loveable and compassionate nature was infectious, which is certainly why fans adore him and his music.

As the show continued on, each song became more vocal and passionate. Everyone was on the same type of wavelength, leaving the building with a loving feeling all over.

The curtain dropped, hiding the band about an hour into the show, leaving only Alex on stage with a piano and amazing vocal. He proceeded to play music by himself, which inherently allowed the crowd to really read into the lyrics and understand the world around them, in a way. After a few songs sung solo, the certain dropped and the vibe changed all over again.

The band came back strong with the song “Balls to Tell You,” along with lights, flashing the entire theatre with rainbow colored beams and colorful confetti once the beat dropped. It felt undeniably magical. “Are you still with me?” was asked a few times, making sure that everyone in the building was engaged.

I believe that the pinnacle of the show was when he performed his hit single “Best Friend.” Everyone in the venue knew this song, and had their phones up, ready to record the chorus, until right before the drop.

He stopped the music abruptly and asked everyone to put their phones in their pockets. “No one outside of this room will ever get to experience this moment. This is our moment, and this is our song!” he proclaimed.

This was followed by a chill running down everyone's spine, realizing how special this moment actually was. The crowd roared the lyrics to the well-known song until their voices cracked in unison. That is when you could understand the true connection Rex Orange County had with his fans and his music.

Emily Rodriguez

Copyright ©2020 All rights reserved. Posted: February 14, 2020.

Photos by Kayla Marra © 2020

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