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Real Estate – Union Transfer– Philadelphia (A Concert Review)

Updated: Apr 28

Real Estate – Union Transfer – Philadelphia, PA – April 16, 2024

Real Estate is a New Jersey based indie-rock alternative band who made their debut in 2009.  Albums over the years include Real Estate, Days, Atlas, In Mind, The Main Thing, and Daniel. Since then, there have been some lineup changes with new members, but they still ring true to their dream pop, tranquil, gentle, wistful sounds. With support from artists like Florry, Marina Allen, and Water From Your Eyes, you can catch the band with one of these artists on tour throughout the month of May.

Real Estate headlined the stage on a Tuesday night show in Philly at Union Transfer.  The band has been touring for their latest album release, Daniel.  Even with the changes over the years, along with exploring new sounds, Real Estate’s roots still showed when it came to their dreamy melodies. 

Most of their songs start off with a simple, acoustic guitar riff, and then chime into a dreamy plethora of synth sounds, drum fills and harmonies, leaving an all-around ethereal atmosphere. The crowd was full of smiles, swaying and bouncing along to the music that almost portrays a sense of summer nostalgia. The band also played some hits from their earlier albums that the crowd sang choruses along to, one of them being the song “Real” off of 2011 album Days.

Cecilia Orlando

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