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Quinn XCII, Arizona & Julia Wolf – The Mann – Philadelphia (A Concert Review)

Quinn XCII, Arizona & Julia Wolf – Skyline Stage at the Mann Center – Philadelphia, PA – May 11, 2023

Mikael Temrowski, more commonly known as Quinn XCII, took the stage at Philadelphia’s own Skyline Stage at the Mann on May 11th, one of the first stops on his The People’s Tour. The tour is in support of his newest release, The People’s Champ, an album about life, love, the beauty of being alone, and self-awareness. The last time I saw Quinn in Philly was in September 2021, one of the first live shows I attended after COVID-19 lockdown restrictions were lifted, on the Stay Next to Me Tour. The show was electric and had every single person in the venue on their feet. This show was no different and brought even more energy.

The night kicked off with an incredible set by Julia Wolf, who I was lucky enough to see back in March 2022 opening up for Fletcher. One thing about Julia is that she knows how to work a stage. As soon as she stepped foot in front of the audience, she captured everyone’s attention. All throughout her set, she interacted with the audience like they were her friends. This made the atmosphere all that much better. She played hits including “Hoops,” “Nikes,” “Rookie of The Year,” and more! I really enjoyed watching Julia play, her performance was a phenomenal way to start the show. Her lyrics paired with a beautiful sunset over the city of Philadelphia made for the perfect spring evening.

Up next was Arizona, a pop-rock group of New Jersey natives. The band’s electropop sound and stunning visuals were the perfect way to get concert-goers ready for the rest of the night. They played hits “Nostalgic,” “Cross My Mind,” “Dark Skies,” and more. When I tell you not a single person in the venue was standing still, I mean it! You absolutely need to check out Arizona’s set if you make it to a stop on The People’s Tour. They’re a must-see group.

Finally, it was time to see the man himself, Quinn XCII. As soon as the lights went down, the crowd went absolutely berserk. I felt the energy radiating off of Quinn, to the audience, and all throughout the venue. He started his set with “Common,” a track from his brand-new album The People’s Champ. The song talks about being such a perfect pair with someone and having so much in common that nothing can tear you apart. This was the perfect opening song because it’s exactly how Quinn’s fans feel about him. No matter the size of a venue, he makes each and every person feel like they’re a part of something bigger. This is a recurring theme with Quinn and his shows, which was so special to see live.

Quinn played fan favorites from all throughout the years including “A Letter to My Younger Self,” followed by “Stacy,” and “My Wife & 2 Dogs.” I have been a fan of Quinn XCII for several years now, so it was very cool to see him pay homage to his previous eras. Not a single fan in the audience wasn’t singing the words to each and every song, myself included. He closed out his set with an acoustic rendition of “Another Day In Paradise,” and the original mixes of “Stay Next To Me” and “Candle.” Another part of what made the show so special was when Quinn came onto the stage holding a Philadelphia 76ers James Harden jersey and put it on! The crowd went wild, as the Philly team was playing during the time of the show.

The People’s Tour was the perfect spring concert. The good energy and positive vibes were off the charts. Don’t miss your chance to see Quinn XCII on the road this summer! Click here to see if he’s coming to a city near you:

Kayla Marra

Copyright ©2023 All rights reserved. Posted: May 13, 2023.

Photos by Kay Marra © 2023. All rights reserved.


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