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Pure Prairie League & Firefall – Capitol Theater – Wheeling (A Concert Review)

Pure Prairie League & Firefall – Capitol Theater – Wheeling, WV – September 1, 2023

Billed as "The Legends Of Country Rock" tour, Pure Prairie League and Firefall brought over 50 years of music to the Capitol Theater in Wheeling, WV.

Comprised of many of its founding original members, Firefall did a full 10-song opening set. Sounding very much like those tight harmonies on their records of the 1970's they included all their hits including "Goodbye, I Love You," "So Long," "Just Remember I Love You" and "Strange Way."

In many ways, Firefall was the "rock" end of this country/rock billing.

Pure Prairie League has roots in the Ohio Valley, having been formed outside Columbus and finding early success in Cincinnati, took the stage in Wheeling with "Early Morning Riser" and continued through a long set of music touching their entire catalog of music including a new CD in the works.

From album cuts such as "I'll Change Your Flat Tire, Merle" and "Lucille Crawfield" to hits like "Let Me Love You Tonight," Pure Prairie League straddled the fence between flat out pop rock, to a sultry country vibe. This country side was even more prevalent on the show closer "Amie." Maybe the ghost of the stage they were playing on, and the history of country music on those boards over the decades had something to do with the way they were playing the songs, but all doubts were removed, when the audience called Pure Prairie League back for an encore and they obliged with "Pickin' To Beat The Devil" featuring the pedal steel guitar player on the extended ending.

All in all, the show lived up to the "Legends Of Country Rock" billing and the audience was sent home fulfilled.

Firefall Setlist: Livin' Ain't Livin' / Just Remember I Love You / It Doesn't Matter / So Long / Cinderella / Sweet And Sour / You're Gonna Lose That Girl / Way Back When / Goodbye, I Love You / You Are The Woman / Strange Way / Mexico

Pure Prairie League Setlist: Kansas City Southern / Early Morning Riser / Angel #9 / Heart Of Her Own / I'll Change Your Flat Tire, Merle / Let Me Love You Tonight / Woman / Harvest / Jazzman / Call Me, Tell Me / Lucille Crawfield / Goodbye, So Long / Modern Problem / You Can't Put A Price On Love / Two Lane Highway / Amie / Encore: Pickin' To Beat The Devil

Dave Parsons

Copyright ©2023 All rights reserved. Posted: September 4, 2023.

Photos by Dave Parsons © 2023. All rights reserved.


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