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NXCRE and the Villains – The Broadway – Brooklyn (A Concert Review)

Updated: Apr 18

NXCRE and the Villains – The Broadway – Brooklyn, NY – November 13, 2023

NXCRE & the Villains is a NYC based alternative band that has been gaining traction quickly, for a very good reason. The band was utterly captivating in their recent performance at The Broadway in Brooklyn. The show began with the lead singer introducing the band to the audience. The group is composed of singer NXCRE (pronounced like Zachery but with an N), guitarist Jay Sambuco, bassist Coqui and drummer Loyalty. The band recently released their single “Dabbington City” and is anticipating an album release FEAN IS WAR.

The band's sound is a blend of all the beloved elements of the genre. NXCRE’s vocals are hypnotizing, and their energy is infectious. Without hesitation the frontman made sure that his audience knew they were important to the band, the appreciation for them coming out that night. Sambuco’s performance on guitar is a sight to behold, with riffs that are igniting and solos that are reminiscent of the classics. Bassist Coqui plays a dynamic bass with riffs that layer perfectly and add depth to the performance. Loyalty's percussion is the heartbeat of the band, as NXCRE calls it. His drumming guides you through the songs effortlessly, their playing is energetic and brings the performance to incredible heights. The band performed “Dabbington City,” “Usurper” and “Indigo,” along with some unreleased tracks from the upcoming album.

“Indigo” is intricate and grand in sound, with layered guitar and bass riffs, pensive drums and melodic harmonies. The lyrics are sincere and make it easy to relate to, creating the feeling of yearning for something more. The bridge is undeniably electric as the members perform in sync, bringing their energy to a new level. During more intimate moments, like during their newest single “Dabbington City,” the intensity isn't lost. NXCREs sang sweetly and earnestly “you said you'd never let my heart go dark; I need someone to tell me why” as the crowd screamed the lyrics back. The energy in the room is palpable.

The performance reached a new height during stadium-ready closer “Usurper.” All the band mates were completely on fire, giving their all in the performance. NXCRE jumped into the crowd during the solo to mosh with the audience. Drummer Loyalty was standing, putting his all into drums. Sambuco stood at the edge of the stage leaning into the crowd, shredding away. Coqui crab walked across stage with a mean presence. It was a remarkable sight, all members fully immersed in the performance. They are meant to play stadiums with that energy.

The band's sound is nostalgic but refreshing, instantly bringing me back to the era of Van’s Warped Tour, when alternative music was front and center in the music scene. Each member brings undeniable uniqueness that is recognizable, coming together to create a sound that is insanely satisfying. Their potential is limitless and their energy when performing is something everyone should get the chance to see.

NXCRE and The Villains are a rising talent in NYC that is bound to take over the scene, as part of this new wave of alternative music. Check out their latest single “Dabbington City” on all streaming platforms now.

Natalie Orozco

Copyright ©2023 All rights reserved. Posted: November 15, 2023.

Photos by Thomas Gracia © 2023. All rights reserved.


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