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Noah Kahan & Adam Melchor – The Fillmore – Philadelphia (A Concert Review)

Noah Kahan & Adam Melchor – The Fillmore – Philadelphia, PA – October 19, 2022

Signing with Republic Records at age 20, and with his debut single coming out in 2017, Noah Kahan has since had multiple hit singles, his most recent, being the title track of his new album Stick Season. After canceling the Philly stop on his last tour, fans were ecstatic to have him back in the area, and even sold out the show!

Kicking off the night was the incredible alt-indie artist Adam Melchor. As he walked out on stage, cheers emerged from the crowd as he began his set with a beautiful cover of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” I was immediately impressed with Adam’s vocals and ability to captivate the audience from the second his set started. As his set continued, he went on to discuss how happy he was to be playing in Philadelphia, and even played an unreleased song titled “Touch and Go,” set to be released with his album Here Goes Nothing on Friday 10/21. Adam Melchor graced the Fillmore with his soulful guitar riffs and stunning high notes, leaving a lasting impression on the crowd.

At around 9:10, the room went dark, and the stage was lit with dim blue light as Noah Kahan’s band took the stage. The fans went wild, screaming and cheering with excitement as Noah emerged from the side of the stage. Opening his set with “False Confidence,” it was clear the fans knew it well as the room was filled with voices singing along! Noah continued his set with songs from his most recent album, including “All My Love,” in which he sang “Philly, you got all my love!”

Not only does Noah Kahan know how to put on a phenomenal show, but he knows how to engage and entertain a crowd. From the second he stepped out on stage; he had fans laughing with his commentary in between songs. The funniest moment being when he said how he is referred to as the “Jewish Ed Sheeran,” “Wellbutrin Keanu Reeves,” and “a severely disfigured Jason Mraz.” Another aspect of Noah Kahan’s performance that I admired was his appreciation for his band, and how they all interacted with each other on stage.

As the night came to a close, Noah Kahan finished off his set with some fan favorites, “The View Between Villages,” “Stick Season,” and “Mess.” The emotion that filled the room during Noah’s set was unbelievable, and the way the audience was engaged from beginning to end was beautiful to see. If you have the chance to see Noah Kahan on tour, I highly recommend it! He definitely gave Philadelphia an unforgettable night, and it’s a show you don’t want to miss. Also, make sure to check out and stream Noah’s most recent album, Stick Season!

Emma Fox

Copyright ©2022 All rights reserved. Posted: October 21, 2022.

Photos by Emma Fox © 2022


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