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No One Lives (A PopEntertainment.com Movie Review)

No One Lives

No One Lives

No One Lives

Into the strange bedfellows files comes this movie, a joint production between the French art house studio Pathé! and World Wrestling Entertainment Films. 


I mean, it’s great that the WWE has made such a huge investment in their film division.  They obviously take it somewhat seriously, even if the studio mostly does b-movie vanity productions co-starring down-on-their-luck actors (such as Parker Posey, Jamie Kennedy, Michael Rapaport, Jennifer Esposito, Ed Harris, Amy Madigan, Robert Patrick and Bruce Dern) with their own homegrown, uhh, talent… (such as John Cena, Triple H, Randy Orton, Edge, Kane or Steve Austin). 

But what are they doing with a co-production with one of the most acclaimed studios in Europe?

The mind boggles.  A mix of high and low art?  Is it an arty period drama with Brodus Clay?  An oddball cop drama with subtitles?  A goofy romantic comedy in which the dude has significantly bigger boobs than the girl?

No, none of the above, though all of those ideas may be oddly entertaining. 

What No One Lives turns out to be is a surprisingly taut but extremely violent hallucinogenic thriller.  It’s torture porn with just enough artsy twists to make it a bit better than it really should be.  Not that it is a great, or even good film, but there are a couple of eccentric performances that somewhat overshadow the tired genre set up.

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