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Niki and Gabi Take YouTube and AwesomenessTV

Niki and Gabi

Take YouTube and AwesomenessTV

By Kayla Marra

Niki and Gabi DeMartino are YouTubers and songwriters. They also happen to be twins!

The girls began their YouTube channel in 2010 alongside their older sister, Alex. Their YouTube channel, “Niki & Gabi” has grossed over 9.35 million subscribers and nearly 1,201,000,000 views over the years.

Niki and Gabi’s channel features style videos, original music and music videos, beauty tutorials, and challenges. As well as posting their own videos, the twins have made numerous other appearances such as “Niki & Gabi Spring Break”, “Niki & Gabi Summer Break”, “Niki & Gabi Take New York”, “Niki & Gabi Take Miami”, and “Niki & Gabi Take the Bahamas,” all posted to view on AwesomenessTV.

Though much of their success has come from their videos together, the twins now each have their own YouTube channels that reflect who they are as people and showcase their differences.

The new season of Niki & Gabi airs April 18th on AwesomenessTV, with new episodes every Saturday morning. Season five takes place in the Bahamas, filled with new and old friends, the power of sisterhood – and of course, drama. Niki and Gabi will be joined by their sister Alex, Dennis, Jesse, Nate, Rachel, as well as some new faces who we will meet as the season goes on.

We were able to talk with Niki & Gabi about the new season, how they are staying positive during quarantine, their YouTube channel, and much more!

So, how are they keeping themselves entertained and how are they coping during this crazy time in the world, with sheltering in place and social distancing?

Gabi explained that they are “keeping busy by putting out new content for [their] viewers.” She is doing her best to stay positive. She explained the importance of putting out positive energy to the fans.

Niki also explained that she is staying occupied by uploading videos to her personal channel, as well as the “Niki & Gabi” channel. Niki also talked about how she is using this time to “learn new skills that she never would have picked up.”

The girls are just as excited as we are for the release of season five of Niki & Gabi, taking place in the tropical islands of the Bahamas.

Gabi enthusiastically responded that she “can't wait for the fans to see this season.”

Niki then explained that there is a “lot more drama” in this season.

So, do they have any favorite episodes in the new season?

Niki responded with, “Episode five. I don’t want to give away too much, you’ll see why once the show is released.” She then went on to explain that she connects with this season so much. “I went through a lot this season dealing with myself and with self-love.”

Gabi responded to the favorite episodes by saying, “I don’t want to give too much away, but in the middle of the season… stuff hits the fan. You’ll get to see how strong sisterhood is, blood is thicker than water.”

One of the persistent themes in every season of the AwesomenessTV show is the power of sisterhood, as well as the girls’ relationships with their friends. In the past seasons, we’ve gotten to know some familiar faces like Gabi’s boyfriend Collin, Niki’s boyfriend Nate, and the girls’ friend Rachel who always make her presence known.

With this many personalities in one house, we can expect lots of drama, and season five of Niki & Gabi will be introducing some new faces.

“My best friend Alex [is joining]!” said Gabi. Another new face in the house will be Kyle Werner, who happens to be single, to help heat things up.

With film crews following the girls and their friends around all the time and the mix of very different people in one space, there are some moments that are too much that need to be edited out.

“Oh yeah. We have cameras in our faces 24/7," said Niki. "It is an invasion of privacy, and we argue a lot from being around each other all the time.”

Gabi explained that she felt “cabin fever” being surrounded by everyone for that long in the house. This season, the girls also don’t have their phones, just GoPros, making it even more difficult, having to constantly face people in the house.

However, it must be worth it to be on AwesomenessTV, right? The twins have been working with AwesomenessTV essentially since the beginning of their YouTube careers, posting many videos with them over the years – from their show, to fashion videos and challenges. What are they like?

“Working with Awesomeness over the years has been the best," Gabi told us. "We’ve grown up with them since we started working with them in 2013. Working with Awesomeness is so comforting. It's like we can take off our safety blankets there.”

Niki agreed and said it is always great working with AwesomenessTV and their team.

The twins are very well-known for their beauty videos. Over the years, Niki and Gabi have posted many videos transforming themselves into their celebrity look-alikes. Recently, they recreated Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande’s 2020 Grammy Awards looks, which turned out awesome. So, what is their favorite transformation they’ve ever done?

“I really liked the Billie Eilish transformation, since I had blue hair," Niki said. "Recently though, I’ve been doing Mean Girls videos on TikTok because I have red hair now, and people say I look like Lindsay Lohan. I’m a 90’s baby, so I love all those movies and looks.”

In 2018, Ariana Grande posted her “Thank U, Next” music video which featured Gabi. What was that whole experience like? How did she get the chance to take part in it? After all, Gabi is a huge Ariana fan.

Gabi explained, “One day I was just looking on Instagram, and I saw a DM from Ariana, I saw the blue check mark and opened it. She said she had an idea. I asked what it was. I gave her my number because I don’t go on Instagram that much, not thinking that it was actually her, or that she would even text me. Then I got a text that said, ‘Hi Gabi’ with a black heart emoji. Then she started sending voice memos and it was her.”

Gabi then went on to explain that she was going through a really rough time at that point in her life, and this really helped to get her through it. She also told us how thankful she is to have such a special relationship with Ariana.

Though they are busy with the release of their show and posting content to their YouTube channels, what we can look forward to in the future? Gabi explained that we can expect lots of videos, new music, and possibly a tour once everything going on right now has calmed down. Niki and Gabi have never failed to keep their fans happy with new content put out weekly, both on YouTube and their social media.

With everything going on in the world right now, I asked the twins if they had a message or anything to say to their fans and anyone reading.

“Just stay positive," Gabi responded. "This will all be over soon. It will be okay.” Gabi shared the importance of keeping upbeat during this time and the importance to the twins of posting new content for their fans. It will help keep them entertained during quarantine, as well as giving fans things to look forward to.

You can stream “Niki & Gabi Take the Bahamas” starting April 18th on AwesomenessTV, with new episodes every Saturday morning.

Copyright ©2020 All rights reserved. Posted: April 17, 2020.

Photos ©2020. Courtesy of AwesomenessTV. All rights reserved.

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