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Nightmare on Sunset – Whisky a Go Go – Hollywood, CA (A PopEntertainment.com Concert Review)

Nightmare on Sunset – Whisky a Go Go – Hollywood, CA – October 28, 2021

We took a trip to “Sunset Blvd” on Thursday to kick off Halloweekend with the longtime trio Emblem3! They hosted Nightmare On Sunset, a costume party at the iconic and intimate Whisky a Go Go, complete with live music and a costume contest.

With six different openers, the night started with plenty of anticipation. From solo acts like Parker Polhill, Jefo, and Nour Khodr, to girl groups like SZNS, the sets were each unique yet followed the same energy under the colored lights. The Social, Keaton’s band away from Emblem3, concluded the opening acts with an enthusiastic set and guest star Tiffany Stringer.

The time had finally come for Emblem3 to take the stage. “This is Halloween” blasted from the speakers while Wesley, Keaton, and Drew emerged from the fog, greeting the crowd in clown masks with enormous smiles. Starting off the show with “Reason,” they unmasked themselves as three Jokers with complete face paint and full black outfits.

“Nothing To Lose” and “Just One Day” were throwbacks that made longtime fans scream the lyrics with all eyes on the band. Drew joined the crowd at one point to open up a circle pit and moshed with all the fans. Even more enthusiastic singing followed when they performed covers of some spooky emo tracks like “Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down” by Fall Out Boy and “All The Small Things” by Blink-182. This beginning of the set already sent the show off with a bang.

By the middle of the show, the boys took an interlude with an onstage costume contest, having fans dressed as the most intricate personas come up and the crowd judge based on applause. They roared for the first-place winners, plague doctors, and the Joker and Harley Quinn were runners up.

At the small venue, the show felt intimate to the extreme as the volume raised higher and they played their most popular throwback hit “Chloe,” plus some of their new songs.

However, no concert by Emblem3 at the Whisky would be complete without “Sunset Blvd” since the party was truly in the city of stars. As a finale, the band sang with the audience and said their last goodbye before the after party.

It was an unforgettable and wicked night with E3, and we’re so glad to have been in attendance to support the boys! Maybe next year we’ll “Do It All Again”!

Mia Jessie

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