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New York's Big Apple Comic Con Celebrates the Holiday Season Through Its Third Annual Christmas Con

New York's Big Apple Comic Con Celebrates the Holiday Season Through Its Third Annual Christmas Con

Preview by Brad Balfour

What would make this holiday season the best ever? Well, besides winning a billion-dollar lottery or having a secure garage for your new Lamborghini, it could be by finding some incredibly rare collectible. And, if you're a comic book collector, that would be by lucking into a pristine-condition silver age or golden age comic book worth maybe a million dollars or more. Ok, so that's pretty unlikely – finding a top graded golden or silver age Number 1. Or, how about acquiring an original drawing by Marvel co-founder Jack Kirby, or maybe a Frank Frazetta painting?

Now, if you don't have the luck to find these works for a song, then you have to go to The Christmas Con on December 17th at the New Yorker Hotel. Bring wads of cash or have a hefty credit line and then go wild. Yes, it's an authentic comic con – the holiday edition of the Big Apple Comic Convention (BACC) – a place for serious fans of comics and related media. This Third Annual edition combines a Christmas party with standard convention offerings: loads of gifts, prizes, and special events to celebrate the season of holidays.

The BACC Christmas Con has over one hundred exhibitors plus artists, guests, and cosplayers, with a special focus on thirty up-and-coming artists from the NYC area.

Guests include:

Jim Steranko, the man who transformed comic book visual art through Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.E.I.L.D. A master of surreal imagery, he re-imagined comic book art through a fine art lens. This is a rare and special appearance. Rich Davis, author of the phenomenal Cult of Dracula and Rise of Dracula (soon to be a video series).

Khoi Pham, a DC and Marvel artist (Teen Titans, Duo, X-Men, Venom, Hulk) and talent mentor.

Sy Barry, whose 70-year career includes The Phantom comic strip, DC and Marvel. Barry celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. in the landmark 1957 comic book, The Montgomery Story.

Alitha Martinez, the 2018 Eisner and GLAAD Media Award winner (World of Wakanda, Iron Man, Moon Girl, Black Panther, Nubia).

Brian O'Halloran, author, podcaster, and comic prince of Clerks I and II and upcoming Clerks III.

Origins of Play will once again offer a comprehensive, playable history of video games. Attendees can pick a favorite from “Space Invaders” to “Super Smash Bros” and play all day (or park the kids there and enjoy the panel events).

HipComics – BACC's newest partner and the best dedicated comic sales platform – will make its first appearance in NYC with tons of free books, prizes and special offers. 21st Century Studios is also onboard with preview tickets, giveaways and prizes for epic sci-fi film Avatar: The Way of the Water.

Of course, BACC is also holding its rightfully famous cosplay contest and first-ever Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest, with prizes by partner Ultimate Wireless.

All of this takes place in the spacious ballrooms of Midtown's New Yorker Hotel. The Art Deco masterpiece sits right across from the big post office and the train station (481 8th Ave at 34th St). Enduring the Covid pandemic crisis, BACC has survived and flourished notwithstanding these past two years. This year, as co-founder Mike Carbonaro says, "We are here to celebrate with our fans."

Founded by comic book maven "Mike Carbo" Carbonaro in 1995, the show started at the auditorium of St Paul's Church on 10th Ave. in Manhattan. After spending 12 years at The Penn Plaza Pavilion, the show moved to The New Yorker Hotel which is "The Daily Planet Building" of the Superman Comics World.

The Big Apple Comic Convention has been the premier boutique comic and popular culture show for the City. It's chock full of dealers, collectors, and fans out for a good time and offers a place to commune with others of like mind. Beside its comic-collecting core, celebrities, cosplayers, music- and film-oriented participants are also in abundance as well.

For more than two decades, Big Apple Conventions has presented the most outrageous NYC-based comic and popular culture conventions. Though comic book collecting is at its center, the con also features a range of pop culture elements including science fiction/fantasy, film/television, cosplay, animation, anime, manga, toys, horror, collectible card games, video games, web comics, and fantasy novels. Including panels, seminars, and workshops with professionals from various fields. The Big Apple Comic Con also features previews of upcoming films, and a main event costume contest with prizes and music. That's why it celebrates cosplay and costumes which are an integral and vital part of its history of 20+ years. Adds Carbonaro, "We love the art and the way cosplayers have revitalized conventions by creating a dynamic link between the worlds of comics, animation, cinema, and real life."

While it's a traditional comic con with a fun, family-friendly feel – the lure of this 20+ year event – BACC also sponsors a trading card convention and there will be a much more extensive two-day event in March 2023, at the same location.

After its decades long run, BACC has become a NYC essential: the comic book and pop culture collectible event, by and for the local community. But it is also a national hub for comic book collectors and traders. Many of the biggest dealers in the country attend and some of the greatest collectible books are exhibited, bought, sold, traded. If you need a place to start, come to the show and talk with Mike, who's also a very active collector and mega-buyer. He can evaluate your popular culture collection, so don't hesitate to contact BACC.

Big Apple Comic Con's Christmas Con

Saturday, December 17th, 2022

10 am - 7 pm (early admission 9 am)

New Yorker Hotel

481 8th Ave @34th St


General Admission $30

VIP Admission $85

Kids under 14 $15

Kids under 10 are Free

For more information, go to:

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Logo & Jim Steranko photo © 2022 Courtesy of Big Apple Comic Con. All rights reserved.

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