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Muna & Meet Me at the Altar – The Fillmore – Philadelphia (A Concert Review)

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Muna & Meet Me at the Altar – The Fillmore – Philadelphia, PA – September 28, 2022

Indie pop band Muna consists of Naomi McPherson, Katie Gavin, and Josette Maskin. They released their debut EP in 2014 titled More Perfect and fans have stuck with them since then. The group released two studio albums on RCA Records, About U and Saves The World, before signing with Phoebe Bridger's label Saddest Factory records and releasing their third studio album Muna in 2022. Prior to headlining their own tour, Muna opened for Harry Styles in 2017 and for Kacey Musgraves in 2022, alongside King Princess.

The group embarked on their largest headlining tour back in June 2022 and was kind enough to stop for an incredible show in Philly last night!

Fans were ecstatic to see their favorite band in person again, or for the first time ever. The line to get into the venue stretched up the street until the doors opened and people rushed in to secure their spots. At around 8:00, Meet Me at the Altar took the stage. Comprised of Edith, Ada, and ​​Téa, the pop-punk girl group set the stage on fire. Not only was their performance electric, but they had every person in that room dancing along (which is rare for an opening act!) The girls' stage presence was absolutely unbeatable. At one point during the set, Edith was admiring the venue and while talking about the huge crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling said, "The chandelier moment is cute!" The band also shared that most of their set would be unreleased songs but teased that they will be released soon. How exciting!

After a show-stopping performance by Meet Me at The Altar, it was time for Muna to make their appearance. Before fans knew it, their favorite band was right in front of them. Kicking off their set with "What I Want," "Number One Fan," and "Solid," Muna kicked off what would be an unforgettable performance. After a couple of songs, lead singer Katie shared that the Fillmore was the biggest room they've sold out yet – this made the show much more special to be a part of. Katie then thanked the fans for looking out for each other that night and always.

After performing a mix of a couple of newer and older songs, Katie gave a heartfelt speech before the group performed "Loose Garment," expressing immense gratitude to everyone that has been there along the way. She also went on to explain the meaning behind the song "Kind of Girl," saying that is about knowing that "there's nothing wrong with me, I can be deserving of love." Other than the rhythm of the oft drum beat and strumming of guitar strings, you could feel the emotion that filled the room at that moment.

Muna finished their set with the hit song "Silk Chiffon" bringing the beat up and forcing everyone onto their feet. This was one of the most inclusive and accepting atmospheres I have felt a part of in a long time, and I owe that to Muna. They create such a safe and positive environment; you'd be missing out by not seeing them once in your life!

You can purchase tickets to catch Muna on tour here:

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