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Mitski & Tamino – The Met – Philadelphia (A Concert Review)

Mitski & Tamino – The Met – Philadelphia, PA – February 7, 2024

Singer and songwriter Mitski played her second of two sold-out Philadelphia shows this week. It was a magical evening and from the moment she and her opener, Tamino hit the stage, they both captivated the audience at The Met in Philly.

The show began with Tamino and his angelic voice. The entire theater fell silent when the 27-year-old Belgian singer’s voice shook the venue. Not only is this artist a virtuoso in singing, but he was also an incredibly skilled musician with the wide array of instruments that he played on the stage. I can’t recall how many changes of instruments he cycled through, but I do remember how beautifully he played them all. His set was a masterfully sung spectacle and grabbed my full attention with songs like “The Longing,” “Indigo Night,” and “My Dear Friend and Enemy.”

As for Mitski, to put it bluntly, she was a vision on stage, and brought life to the whole theater. Her music has always held a certain charm that compliments its open-ended nature. As many fans say, “Mitski’s music is unique in that she encourages her listeners to interpret it however they wish.” That being said, a common interpretation I have when listening to her music is that it is both beautiful and meaningful. I was impressed by the set design accompanying her 23-song setlist. While it was not overly extravagant, it was just right to ensure an element of interpretation was still there. An especially notable performance for me was her song, “My Love Mine All Mine,” which was beautifully done. Her voice clearly communicated each word, and her visual aid of floating mirror shards quite literally reflected an indescribable feeling all around.

Throughout the amazing evening, Mitski herself was a joy to listen to as she spoke with the audience in between songs. She is so wonderfully bizarre, and this only makes her performance stronger. I particularly enjoyed her discussion on what it means to be a “gremlin” among people. I felt like I knew exactly what she meant.

With her music often centering around self and belonging, concert goers also connected with songs like “Thursday Girl,” “Love Me More” and “Last Words of Shooting Star.” Her encore performance included fan favorites – “Nobody” and “Washing Machine Heart.”

If you are lucky enough to check out Mitski in person, please do! It is quite an experience, but I would recommend buying your tickets early as her tour stops usually sell out quickly. I hope to see her perform live again in the future. It was a night to remember, and I loved every moment of it.

Jordan Wagner

Copyright ©2024 All rights reserved. Posted: February 10, 2024.

Photos by Jack Farrell © 2024. All rights reserved.


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