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Mission: Impossible – Fallout (A Movie Review)

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Mission: Impossible – Fallout


Starring Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Henry Cavill, Michelle Monaghan, Vanessa Kirby, Wes Bentley, Simon Pegg, Angela Bassett, Alec Baldwin, Ving Rhames, Sean Harris, Frederick Schmidt, Liang Yang, Kristoffer Joner, Alix Bénézech, Dean Ashton, Joey Ansah, Velibor Topic, Grahame Fox, DJ Harvey and Wolf Blitzer.

Screenplay by Christopher McQuarrie.

Directed by Christopher McQuarrie.

Distributed by Paramount Pictures. 147 minutes. Rated PG-13.

I think that I have seen all of movies in the Mission: Impossible franchise (with Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt). I cannot recall a time that I was disappointed. I mean, how do you have time to be disappointed when each scene tops itself with a scenario so outlandish that it doesn’t seem possible that any characters could survive?

Mission: Impossible – Fallout is a worthy possible final installment. (It has to be the final installment, right? Six movies in and Tom Cruise isn’t getting younger…) It has crazy stunts, exhilarating car chases, and the humorous relationship that we’ve grown to love between Hunt and his IMF cohorts in chaos; Luther Stickell (played by Ving Rhames) and Benji Dunn (played by Simon Pegg). Don’t be fooled by the eye-roll-worthy initial scene – I truly looked at my daughter and said, “Uh oh, they’ve gotten old and predictable.” But, that’s not how Fallout plays out.

Hunt and his team’s mission – should they choose to accept it – is to recover some missing uranium (of course) and to stop The Apostles, an evil terrorist cell, from creating small, portable nuclear bombs and blowing up the world.

Sean Harris reprises his role of Syndicate evildoer Solomon Lane, reminding Hunt that his original lady love, Julia (played by Michelle Monaghan), will never be safe. And really, keeping Julia safe from becoming a casualty in his world-saving mission is Hunt’s number one goal. Rebecca Ferguson also reprises her Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation role of Ilsa Faust, the only woman with the skills to really keep up (and even play protector/partner/back up) to Hunt.

New to the Mission: Impossible family is Henry Cavill, who takes on the role of CIA Agent August Walker while sporting a ‘stache that makes him look a bit like Magnum PI. While Hunt has the finesse, Walker is the hammer, preferring to beat his targets into submission. He and Hunt have a tense relationship throughout, as Walker’s loyalty is to the overall mission while Hunt will do everything in his power to save a life, even at the expense of the overall mission… well, usually because he is able to save both!

Noteworthy, my daughter reminded me that the Cavill ‘stache comes with a bit of lore on its own. Cavill had his fully grown in mustache for the start of Fallout filming, but then had to re-film some scenes for his Superman role in Justice League. He was not allowed to shave it for the re-shoot and the DC universe had to resort to CGI to cover up the beast.

The cinematography is notably artsy at times and the score is percussive and strong. The story ties up some character loose ends and provides good closure to the franchise – if Cruise decides that his stunt injury risk outweighs any further installments.

What the franchise needs is a drinking game. A drink for every time a message self-destructs; a drink for every time a character says “You need to walk away”; a drink for every time the character receiving that advice stays anyway.

Yeah, Mission: Impossible – Fallout follows the formula of M:Is in the past, but it remains fresh, exciting and fun.

Bonnie Paul and Leni Paul

Copyright ©2018 All rights reserved. Posted: July 27, 2018.


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