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Melanie Martinez, Beach Bunny & Sofia Isella – CFG Bank Arena – Baltimore (A Concert Review)

Melanie Martinez, Beach Bunny & Sofia Isella – CFG Bank Arena – Baltimore, MD – June 1, 2024

Melanie Martinez, joined by Beach Bunny and Sofia Isella, stopped in Baltimore for a sold-out show on the Trilogy Tour. On this tour, Martinez sends the audience through an eclectic and immersive experience, performing hit songs from all three of her albums: Cry Baby, K-12, and Portals.

Starting off the night was Sofia Isella. Taking such a large stage by herself, she commanded it instantly and captivated the audience easily. Her smooth and unique vocal tone made waves throughout the arena. Isella performed songs including “Hot Gum,” “Cacao and Cocaine,” “Everybody Supports Women,” “Unattractive,” and “I Looked the Future in the Eyes, It’s Mine.”

Up next it was time for Beach Bunny to take the stage. The crowd went wild as the band walked out, as they started their set with “Cuffing Season,” “Sports,” “Promises,” “Oxygen,” “February,” “Dream Boy,” and the crowd went absolutely wild for “Prom Queen.” Their energy was upbeat and infectious as they hyped the crowd up in anticipation of Melanie’s set!

As the lights went low, the arena erupted in cheers and screams as it was time for the Cry Baby portion of the set to begin. Joined by backup dancers dressed in bunny costumes and moody red lighting, curtains opened to reveal Martinez at the back of the stage on a platform. Her stunning and powerful vocals soared throughout the arena, the audience singing along to every single word.

The Cry Baby album set consisted of “Cry Baby,” “Dollhouse,” “Sippy Cup,” “Carousel,” “Alphabet Boy,” “Soap,” “Pity Party,” “Play Date,” and “Mad Hatter.” Intricate and detailed visuals projected largely on the stage changed to fit each song, from a crib and nursery to a dollhouse with detailed rooms and designs. There was also an actual carousel that Martinez rode on stage, and bubbles falling from the ceiling during “Soap.” These visuals added a whole new level of immersiveness to the performance.

During “Pity Party,” Martinez came forward to the front of the stage, leaving the platform and interacting with the audience. Heart balloons dropped from the ceiling as Martinez and her dancers engaged in intricate and passionate choreography, adding yet another layer of mesmerizing and storytelling to the performance.

As the Cry Baby set came to an end, it was time for the K-12 set to begin. Martinez returned to the stage sporting a new outfit, as a snippet of “Wheels on the Bus” began. She then went into the set with “Class Fight,” where Martinez was at the back of the stage on a moving seat, with visuals accompanying this to portray her on a K-12 seesaw.

The set continued with “Show & Tell,” where Martinez was hooked up to strings and visuals of the hands of a puppeteer, just another instance of the visuals and choreography adding beautifully to the storyline. The K-12 set continued with “Nurse’s Office,” “Strawberry Shortcake,” “Lunchbox Friends,” “Orange Juice,” “Detention,” “Teacher’s Pet,” and finally, “High School Sweethearts.”

At the end of “High School Sweethearts,” Martinez was joined with a group of dancers, swaying back and forth. As she stepped forward from the line of dancers, a spotlight aimed directly at her as she was shot by an arrow with a heart at the end, falling to the ground. She then slowly disappeared from the stage, signifying the end of the K-12 set.

Finally, it was time for the third and final set to begin. The Portals portion of the show began with a beautiful interlude by two dancers, who conveyed the emotion of the transition from K-12 to Portals perfectly. As the interlude ended, Martinez took the stage in her four-eyed pink mask and costume as the Cry Baby character was reborn. The visuals once again accompanied the storyline, with green, nature and fairy like imaging with flowers, mushrooms, and other ethereal elements. The Portals setlist consisted of “Death,” “Void,” “Tunnel Vision,” “Faerie Soirée,” “Light Shower,” “Spiderweb,” “Battle of the Larynx,” “The Contortionist,” “Nymphology,” “Evil,” and “Womb.”

After not speaking throughout the entire set, Martinez spoke at the end of her Portals set to thank the crowd for coming, and to show appreciation for the band and dancers.

This performance was a true testament to Martinez’s growth as an artist, and her development over the years. It was a night of emotion and storytelling, and it was impossible to look away for even a second. From the passion and pure artistry on stage, to the love and devotion that emanated from the audience, it was an atmosphere like no other. Without a doubt, the Trilogy Tour is not one to miss!

Emma Fox

Copyright ©2024 All rights reserved. Posted: June 3, 2024.

Photos by Emma Fox © 2024. All rights reserved.


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