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Maggie Rogers – The Mann Center – Philadelphia (A Concert Review)

Maggie Rogers – The Mann Center – Philadelphia, PA – July 29, 2023

Following the release of her newest album Surrender, Maggie Rogers set out on her Summer of ‘23 tour this past July, stopping in cities all across the US and Canada. Fans came from states away to celebrate the first anniversary of Surrender with Maggie, herself, in the City of Brotherly Love. We’ve had the pleasure of seeing Rogers several times over the course of her career, but this was one of her best performances – hands down.

For a little bit of context, Rogers is a singer-songwriter and producer from Maryland. She attended the New York University Tisch School of the Arts where she was discovered by none other than Pharrell Williams during a master class. The viral footage of Rogers playing her song “Alaska” for Williams was released in 2016 and he said that he had “zero notes” for her, saying that he’d never heard a song like that before or a voice like Rogers’ before. Although she had already released independent albums The Echo and Blood Ballet, this helped kickstart Rogers’ career. She then went on to release studio albums Heard it in a Past Life and Surrender.

To set the mood for the evening, the weather decided to surprise fans with a downpour about 20 minutes before Soccer Mommy, the opening act, took the stage. Luckily, the showers only lasted for a few minutes. The clouds then dispersed in the sky, revealing a rainbow, and fans were in awe.

Shortly after Mother Nature’s little show, the real show we all gathered to see began with an electric performance by Soccer Mommy. The singer opened her set with “Bones,” followed by “With U,” “Circle the Drain,” and more fan favorites. Soccer Mommy was an amazing choice for an opener because her vibe set the tone for the evening, and fans got even more pumped to be in attendance at such a special show. She closed out her set with “Don’t Ask Me” from the 2022 album Sometimes, Forever, and the crowd went insane. If you have the chance to see Soccer Mommy live, DO IT.

Up next, it was time for Rogers to take the stage. Everyone in the venue buzzed with anticipation of their favorite artist taking the stage in a few short moments. Before I knew it, the lights went down, and it was time for Rogers’ set to begin.

The first few notes of “Anywhere With You” played as aesthetic clips and visuals flashed across the screens on the darkened stage. The beat began to pick up and her silhouette was highlighted by a single stage light. Prior to this show, I had never heard such a loud crowd at The Mann. All of the lights graced the stage and Rogers stepped into view. Her illuminating presence was one that I’ll never forget. She continued the song, then went on to play “Want Want,” “Say It,” “Be Cool,” “Honey,” and “Dog Years.”

One of the most magical parts about Rogers’ shows is that each show has a unique setlist. This makes each of her concerts that much more memorable because fans have a curated show, especially for their city. I’m so used to being able to look up the setlist prior to a show, but I felt like I was living in the moment a bit more when I didn’t have any expectations of what would be performed next.

While introducing the next song, Rogers said that the weather earlier in the evening was very fitting for the next track. “Begging for Rain” began to play. Indeed, it was fitting. She then went on to play hits from all of her albums including “Shatter,” “Alaska,” “Light On,” and even “Don’t Forget Me,” a beautiful unreleased song.

Between nearly every song, the singer expressed immense gratitude to everyone in the audience for supporting her over the years, steaming and purchasing her music, and for being there that evening. It makes a concert so much more special when the artist acknowledges the people that made the tour possible, and Rogers did just that. I have much respect for her as a person, as well as a musician.

The night came to a close as Rogers performed the final two songs of the unbelievable show- first was my personal favorite “Back in My Body” followed by “Different Kind of World.”

I have had the opportunity to see several incredible tours this summer, and I can confidently say that the Summer of ‘23 Tour is one of my favorites. You need to check out this tour if you can this summer! Get your tickets here:

Kayla Marra

Copyright ©2023 All rights reserved. Posted: August 3, 2023.

Photos by Kayla Marra © 2023. All rights reserved.

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