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Luke Bryan – Staying True To Himself

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan

Staying True To Himself

by Abraham Kuranga

Just as country music is singing its high notes, reaching more people than ever before, another budding star has entered the arena, ready to fuel the fire.

That star? Luke Bryan.

The Georgia native – fresh off hit singles, “All My Friends Say” and “We Rode in Trucks” – is poised to be the bolt that shoots country music to the next atmosphere.

“I’m just ready to ride the wave,” says Bryan.  “Country music is as strong, I think, as it’s ever been.”

It is on that strength that Bryan has built his career, citing Conway Twitty, Ronnie Milsap and country stalwarts Alabama and George Strait his musical luminaries.  Although a great songwriter – having written songs for fellow country crooners, Billy Currington and Travis Tritt –  Bryan wants to be known first as a singer.

“In the end, to be at the highest level of music, I feel you have to be a great singer,” confesses Bryan.  “I may turn out to be a better songwriter than singer, though”

Luke Bryan

Music, sort of, fell into the lap of Luke Bryan in the form of a guitar.  After getting the instrument as a present, Bryan gave it a trial run at some local bars and clubs around Leesburg, Georgia.

“Having fun at those shows, watching people connect did it for me,” says Bryan.  “At that moment, I hoped I could do this as a career.”

That ambition took a detour but never went too far of course, as Bryan attended college at Georgia Southern University.  It was at college that Bryan began writing more songs and recorded his first album, which he sold at local college bars.

“It helped with every aspect,” says Bryan of college.  “The growing up aspect, the business aspect, all took shape in college.”

Graduating with a degree in business, Bryan set his eyes on Nashville, where he signed a songwriting contract.  While honing his penmanship, Bryan continued to play shows, performing his own material.

Luke Bryan

The hard work and consistency paid off when a music industry executive heard Bryan performing at one of his out-of-the-way shows.  He soon signed a full-fledged recording contract with recording industry giant, Capitol Records, and its country music division Capitol Nashville.

After paying the prerequisite dues, Bryan can now boast his own creation, in the form of his debut album, I’ll Stay Me.  The unapologetic title is Bryan’s way of saying, “what you see is what you get.”

“A lot of people in entertainment change who they are,” explains Bryan. “My thing is I make it [music] a part of who I am, and I think that is a good philosophy.”

A good philosophy or not, Bryan is able to connect with his new legion of friends with his down-home, college boy good looks and catchy songs. His first single, “All My Friends Say,” is undoubtedly a song that rose from his days in school. Its infectious swagger, along with bluesy piano and sing along chorus, conjures up images of a wild college night.

“We Rode in Trucks,” the second single, is bouncy ode to summer nights in Georgia. The sentimental, guitar-driven love song, “First Love Song,” will become a crowd favorite, with its dedicated lyrics to his “one and from now on.”

His delivery may remind you of Alan Jackson or George Strait, to whom he is often compared. “Stereotypes and comparisons come to every artist,” says Bryan. “But with every passing moment, as people get to know me more, the stereotypes go away.”

Luke Bryan

Although he already has an impressive resume, Bryan feels like he is just getting started.

“I do music for the love of it, and I hope to keep enjoying it,” says Bryan.

He has his eyes set on working with another country music luminary. “Dolly Parton is on top of my list,” says Bryan. “I’d also be flattered to work with George Strait and Alan Jackson.”

He hopes one day to be considered one of those shining stars of country music.

“I hope to move up the ladder and do it the natural way,” says Bryan.

The natural way, for Bryan, is continuing to embrace his fans at the smaller venues, building his base.

“The beauty of country music is that once you lay the groundwork, you can have a long career,” says Bryan “Each time I get on stage, I enjoy it more and more.”

So will the fans.

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