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Louis Tomlinson – The Mann Center – Philadelphia (A Concert Review)

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Louis Tomlinson – The Mann Center – Philadelphia, PA – July 27, 2023

Louis Tomlinson brought his Faith in the Future to Philly the other night. The fans were left with a night to remember as Tomlinson brought immense energy and a powerful performance.

The night started out with two opening sets by Andrew Cushin, and Berlin-based band Giant Rooks. Cushin took the stage first as he began his set with “You Don’t Belong,” “Dream For a Moment,” and “Love is for Everyone.” His performance was enthusiastic as he started the show on an incredible note! It was clear how excited he was to be on stage, and it was evident that the crowd felt the same way!

After an incredible set by Cushin, it was time for Giant Rooks to take the stage. It was clear that fans had taken a liking to Giant Rooks throughout their time on tour with Tomlinson, as cheers and screams soared throughout the venue. Their set was booming with energy as they played “Bright Lies,” “Heat Up,” “Bedroom Exile” and “Morning Blue.” Giant Rooks interacted well with the crowd, increasing the excitement that already filled the venue. They noted that it was their first-time playing Philadelphia, and that they would absolutely be back.

At around 9:15, the lights went low, and the venue erupted in screams as Louis Tomlinson and his band took the stage. He began with his song “The Greatest,” which was the perfect choice to get the energy up and the crowd engaged. Tomlinson went on to sing “Kill My Mind” and “Bigger Than Me.” His vocals were strong and passionate as they rang throughout the venue, with the fans singing along to every song without skipping a beat.

Tomlinson shared how excited he was to be in Philadelphia, and the fans made sure he knew they felt the same way. The crowd was a sea of red and black, as fans dressed in outfits celebrating the colors of his most recent album, Faith in the Future. The sense of community and family at this show was incredible, as fans of all ages could be seen sharing and trading friendship bracelets, and bonding over their love for Louis Tomlinson.

His set continued with “Holding on to Heartache,” “Face the Music,” “We Made It,” and a cover of his old band One Direction’s “Night Changes.” The atmosphere during “Night Changes” was indescribable, as the lyrics to the song echoed throughout the venue and the audience basked in a moment of memories from the era of One Direction.

Throughout the whole set, Tomlinson connected with the audience, taking advantage of every inch of the stage, and even venturing into the crowd multiple times. Accompanied by moody red and blue lights, Tomlinson continued his set with “Written All Over Your Face,” “Copy of a Copy of a Copy,” and “Walls,” the title track of Tomlinson’s 2020 debut solo album. The lyrics in “Walls” describe perseverance, overcoming your struggles, and learning from your mistakes. The emotion in this song was reflected in the crowd, as audience members passionately sang along, feeling every word that Tomlinson sang.

Tomlinson took a moment to thank both support acts and share how grateful he was for all of the fans' support before continuing on with a cover of “505” by Arctic Monkeys, “Back To You,” “Angels Fly,” and my personal favorite off of the album, “Out of My System.” As the intro to “Out of My System” began, Tomlinson commanded the stage immediately, once again interacting with the audience, and connecting with individual members of the crowd.

The lights went low once again. After Tomlinson exited the stage, it was clear the audience was not ready for the night to be over, as they instantly began chants of “one more song” and “encore.” Shortly after, Tomlinson and his band took the stage again as Louis stood in the corner of the stage under the spotlight and began the encore with his song “Saturdays.” This was a magical moment as fans lit up the venue with phone flashlights as they echoed his every word.

Tomlinson picked the energy right back up as he began another One Direction cover! This time, he chose “Where Do Broken Hearts Go,” off of One Direction’s studio album FOUR. This instantly brought the audience back to 2014, once again bringing back a multitude of memories from the incredible years of One Direction. Finally, Louis Tomlinson finished his set with a heartfelt and powerful performance of “Silver Tongues,” leaving fans with the powerful lyric “Because it’s times like these / We’re so much happier / Nights like these / We’ll remember.”

As the night came to a close the crowd was filled with emotions, and so was I! I have been a fan of One Direction since I was a kid, and Louis Tomlinson was always my favorite member. It was an incredible experience getting to see him perform, and this show was the perfect culmination of his talent and all of his hard work over the years. Louis Tomlinson brought love, positivity, and many, many memories to Philly that night, and without a doubt gave the audience an unforgettable experience! The mutual love and respect between Tomlinson and his fans is truly incredible, and I can’t wait to see what he does next!

Emma Fox

Copyright ©2023 All rights reserved. Posted: July 29, 2023.

Photos by Kaylee Marie © 2023. All rights reserved.


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