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Lindsay Lohan – The Comeback of an On-Screen Style Icon

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

(Source: Instagram @lindsaylohan)

Lindsay Lohan – The Comeback of an On-Screen Style Icon

For many, Lindsay Lohan remains an icon from the 2000s. Lohan dominated TV and movie screens of the aughts, and people worldwide watched her grow up and transform across various roles. Despite a rocky, early adulthood and distance from the spotlight in the early 2010s, Lohan is set to grace our screens again in Irish Wish – the second installment to her two-parter Netflix rom-com deal, following Falling for Christmas released in 2022. It’s great to see Hollywood’s renewed interest in such a talented actress. After growing out of her complicated past with Tinseltown, Lohan's comeback has certainly cemented her status as a force to be reckoned with for both acting and fashion. As a trendsetter of her time, let’s peek at some of Lohan’s looks throughout her career. Falling for Christmas

Lohan’s Sierra is a heiress who gets engaged during a ski trip in Falling for Christmas. Unfortunately, she gets into an accident, which results in her suffering from retrograde amnesia. She is then taken in by a nearby lodge owner, who tries to help her regain her memory. Throughout the film, Lohan donned some fantastic looks, from a sleek jumpsuit to a beautiful red midi dress. In the pivotal engagement scene at the beginning, Lohan’s character opts to wear Oakley sunglasses with an eye-catching hot pink ski suit and furry hat. The sunnies appear to be Oakley’s A-Wire 2.0s, similar to their more recent Whisker model. Built with the brand’s flexible but durable C-5 metal alloy, they are the perfect choice for a chic heiress like Sierra embarking on a ski trip. Considering the model was discontinued in 2005, this detail is an excellent callback to Lohan’s most iconic years in the fashion and film industry.

Herbie: Fully Loaded

Many kids of the 2000s will remember Lohan for her performance in Disney’s Herbie: Fully Loaded. Lohan plays Maggie, a wannabe NASCAR driver whose father won’t let her race. She buys a Volkswagen Beetle named Herbie, a vehicle with a life of its own — to say the least. The film is undoubtedly filled with fashions of the time, such as layered tops, lowrise pants, and a lot of denim. Arguably, however, the most iconic look from the movie is Maggie’s NASCAR jumpsuit. The white uniform was decked out with stripes like Herbie’s and its iconic 53 number. It also includes sponsor logos from Bass Pro Shops, Nextel, Goodyear, and Chevrolet. Many viewers wanted the same suit because it looked amazing and represented confidence in the context of the film. To this day, the jumpsuit is still synonymous with Lohan’s performance in the role. The Parent Trap

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Lohan’s first film, The Parent Trap. Here, she plays both Annie and Hallie – twins separated after her parents divorced. When they meet at camp, they plan to meet the parent they never had, leading to a scheme to reunite their family. Considering she was playing two characters, the list of Lohan’s memorable looks from The Parent Trap is extensive. But a prominent one is when Hallie first arrives at Camp Walden. A young Lohan as Annie is the epitome of class in a matching tweed jacket and skirt. The chic look is rounded off by her complementary headband and a pair of flats. The footwear is similar to a pair of Chanel shoes – the brand’s classic cap toe ballet flats, to be exact. It is still a style worn today by celebrities such as Kylie Jenner. This shows that Lohan’s on-screen fashion was not only ahead of its time but also timeless. Longtime fans are certainly looking forward to her continued success on the small and silver screen. It won’t be a surprise if Lohan will be able to produce even more memorable looks throughout her future career.

Menu photo by Scott Everett White © 2022. Courtesy of Netflix.

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