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Kalin & Myles – Chasing Their Dreams

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Kalin & Myles performing at The Barbary, Philadelphia, PA. June 4, 2014. Photos copyright 2014 Maggie Mitchell and Rachel Disipio.

Kalin & Myles

Chasing Their Dreams

by  Rachel Disipio and Maggie Mitchell

Kalin White and Myles Parrish of the popular group Kalin and Myles recently played at The Barbary, a bar and music venue in the heart of Philadelphia.  Philly was the latest stop in KAM’s first ever headlining tour, entitled The Chase Dreams Tour.

Parrish, 20 and White, 19 are both from California’s Bay Area.  They have a loyal group of fans they fondly call the KAM Fam.  Both singers are as dedicated to their fans as their fans are to them.  They credit the fanbase for their success.  Their followers, in turn, come from far and wide to see the guys wherever they’re performing.  At the Philly show, we spoke to fans who had come from as far as Canada to see their idols perform.

Kalin and Myles’ fame began a few years back.  The guys started creating music and making energetic music videos together.  Then they uploaded them online on their YouTube channel, which to date has nearly 178,000 subscribers.  Opening up for Austin Mahone in his last tour also helped spread the word about the singing, rapping and dancing duo.

Since I was staying to watch them perform and take photos after we talked, I was able to experience their show.  I hadn’t known what to expect when going to this event, but as soon as the venue opened doors and all of their fans came inside, the energy and excitement was contagious.  The guys came on following small performances from their opening acts The Lucki Gurlz and Noelle Bean.  The audience went insane with the roar of screaming (and some crying) teenage girls.  Their set included all of their hits – “Go to Work,” “Love Robbery,” as well as “Chase Dreams.”  They were on stage for about 45 minutes and the energy from beginning to end was unbelievable.

Luckily our interview was before the show, since after the gig ended, the guys gave back some love to their fans.  Both White and Parrish stayed an extra two hours meeting their KAM Fam outside the venue, taking pictures and signing autographs for anyone willing to wait in a line that was a block long.

This is just the beginning for this singing duo from the Northern Cali.  Keep an eye on their careers!  Here are some of the things we learned about these two talented guys in our interview before their Philly show.

Kalin & Myles performing at The Barbary, Philadelphia, PA. June 4, 2014. Photos copyright 2014 Maggie Mitchell and Rachel Disipio.

This is our first time sitting down with you guys. Can you tell us a little about how you started?

Myles Parrish: We are a pop/hip hop duo from the Bay Area.  We’ve been making music for about three years together.  Everything is right in my room.  I make the beats.  We both write.  Kalin is the singer.  I am the rapper.  Right now, we are on our first headlining tour.  It’s called the Chase Dreams Tour.

How has the tour been so far?

Kalin White: It’s been amazing.  This is our fifth show tonight in Philly.  We started in Chicago.  I think every show since the first show is progressing.

Myles Parrish: It’s crazy.

Kalin White: It’s really good being on the road, because we get to talk to fans that we can’t see in person day to day.

What is some of your favorite things to do while on tour?

Kalin White: I like to eat. (laughs)  I go to different restaurants, and stuff my face all night long. (laughs)

Myles Parrish: Good question.  For me the shows are just really fun. That is probably the best part.  There is so much energy.

Kalin White: It’s hard to put a label on it, because everything about tour is just really dope.

What is your favorite thing about performing?

Myles Parrish: The crowd interaction while we’re on stage is my favorite part.  It gets really fun up there.

Kalin White: I second and third that! (laughs)

So how did social media, and Vine change your life?

Myles Parrish: When we started out, we were just on Twitter a lot.  It was more of a way to keep in contact with girls that we would meet at concerts we were putting on.  Vine has been really awesome for us.  Just as far as other Viners using our songs, and the song gaining more popularity off of that.  It’s cool to see the response.  It has definitely helped out.

When you guys were younger did you ever see yourself touring the country playing music?  Is this crazy for you guys to think about?

Kalin White: Growing up, I was never really into music.  I think when I made my first song with him (points at Myles) back in 2011, my love for music just grew.  Every day we kept doing it, the shows that we kept setting up ourselves.  We tried to get on every show that we could starting out.  My love for it just grew, but I never did see myself touring the country.  No way!

Myles Parrish: It’s definitely a blessing for sure.

If you could collaborate with anyone in the music industry – dead or alive – who would it be?

Kalin White: I would want to collaborate with Chris Brown.  I’d been listening to him before I even thought I could make a song.

Myles Parrish: There is a producer named Niles [Hollowell-Dhar] from the Cataracs.  He would be really awesome to work with.

Kalin White: Hopefully he’ll let us drive his Ferrari! (laughs)

Kalin & Myles performing at The Barbary, Philadelphia, PA. June 4, 2014. Photos copyright 2014 Maggie Mitchell and Rachel Disipio.

What are some of your upcoming goals for this year?

Kalin White: This is our first tour, so we only play like 16, 17 shows.  It would be cool if we could just leave for six months and tour the world.  That’s a really big goal, but I would just want to tour more.

Myles Parrish: For me, I would just like making more music, for sure.

Tell us something your fans wouldn’t know about you?

Myles Parrish: One thing for me would be that I used to roller blade, a lot, at the skate park when I was younger.  I thought that was where I was going.  I thought I was going to be a professional roller blader. (laughs)   It got serious at one point.

Kalin White: Could you do any backflips?

Myles Parrish: I did actually.  I could do some flips.

Kalin White: I’m not sure.  I’m pretty open on Twitter.  I guess, I just ate before this interview.  I had a Chicken Parmesan before this interview.  I bet no one knew about that. (laughs)

Your fans flooded us with fan questions.  Here’s some we picked to ask.  If you could break a world record, what would it be?

Myles Parrish: For me, I think it would be the highest dunk.

Kalin White: For me, I would say most three points made in a row, or maybe just..

Myles Parrish: Most food eaten in one sitting?

Kalin White: Sounds good.  Let’s do it.  Or biggest crowd performance ever.

What’s the first thing you notice in a girl?

Kalin White: I would have to say her smile.  If I flirt with a girl and she smiles, I’ll be like, “Oh Wow!”

Myles Parrish: I was going to say energy.  Sometimes girls give off an negative energy.  You can tell right away, or you could tell if it was more positive.  Hopefully it was more positive.

Kalin & Myles performing at The Barbary, Philadelphia, PA. June 4, 2014. Photos copyright 2014 Maggie Mitchell and Rachel Disipio.

What’s your favorite thing about Philly so far?

Myles Parrish: I think my favorite thing about Philly so far is that I found my love for Thai Tea here in Philly.

Kalin White: My favorite thing is Philly cheesesteaks.

Where is your favorite cheesesteak place?  This is important.

Kalin White: I’ve only been to Pat’s. I guess that is the tourist spot, but Pat’s has done me pretty well.

If you could eat one thing forever, and never get sick of it, what would it be?

Kalin White: Cornbread.

Myles Parrish: Dragon Rolls, the sushi.

If you could be a box of cereal what would you be?

Kalin White: Probably like Daddy O’s.  Special K?  No, that is already a cereal!  (laughs)

Myles Parrish: I think I would be….

Kalin White: K-Macs! (points to poof in hair)  Or Poof Poof!  (laughs)

Myles Parrish: Cocoa Poofs.  (laughs)

Do you have a message for you fans?

Kalin White: This tour is called The Chase Dreams Tour.  It’s something that we’re really about, because we really encourage to you know go out, and do what you want to do.  You can make anything possible.  We’re two kids coming out of a room/studio, with not much starting up.  Anything is possible, so go out there and get it.

Myles Parrish: For sure chasing dreams.  It’s not something that we’re just out here talking about.  It’s a real thing.  For us to be out in this position right now like this (waves to fans outside the bus) – it’s amazing.  At one point for us it seemed impossible, but there is a lot of heart behind it.  Also, patience too.  You have to stick with it when times get hard.

Kalin White: Yeah, we love our fans.  Without you guys this would be impossible!

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