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JVKE, Blake Proehl & Hariz – TLA – Philadelphia (A Concert Review)

Updated: Apr 8

JVKE, Blake Proehl & Hariz – Theater of the Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA – September 1, 2023

An evening for all ages was hosted by music sensation JVKE at the TLA in Philly this past week, and what a night it was. The audience of all ages was treated to charming opening acts such as Hariz and football-player-turned-musician Blake Proehl, who captivated the audience with their original music as well as a cover or two. It is also worth noting how much fun was seemingly being had not only on the stage, but behind it as well. An unknown individual was having a blast typing jokes and poking fun at the performers on the screen behind them as the sets went on. From responding to the musicians to getting bored and watching YouTube clips of just about anything, the crowd was left in hysterical laughter. Overall, the atmosphere was one of a comedy club, but with very good music.

However, once the main event began, the energy in the room had shifted as JVKE told a story through his music on stage. A story of love, heartbreak, recovery, and loving again, one that he made sure to get the audience involved in. The scenes he depicted had some calling out to him as the show had become an involuntary play that left not a dry eye. I should know, his songs managed to leave me with misty eyes, as well as the many other fans around me.

The performance of each song, such as his opening “This is What Falling in Love Feels Like,” was accompanied by visuals that helped him tell his story in more detail. Beautiful art with captivating colors gave his music a face that only enhanced its sound. Especially once the end had come and it was time for him to perform his most well-known original “Golden Hour.” The song echoed with the sound of the audience knowing every word. It was truly a unique experience to hear this powerful song live. I would say that it could shake one to their core. The way this show was executed was nothing short of art, and it was extremely commendable for JVKE and his crew.

Jordan Wagner

Copyright ©2023 All rights reserved. Posted: September 3, 2023.

Photos by Jack Farrell © 2023. All rights reserved.


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