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JoJo Siwa and Olivia Rodrigo Are Among the Stars Kicking off Instagram and Facebook Creator Week

Updated: Mar 29

JoJo Siwa and Olivia Rodrigo Are Among the Stars Kicking off Instagram and Facebook Creator Week

Today kicked-off the inaugural Instagram and Facebook Creator Week. The private, virtual event brought together some of social media and online contents hottest names to discuss how creators can build their careers and personal brands on social media. Attended by over 5000 creators wanting to be the next best thing online, attendees received valuable insight from Benny Drama, JoJo Siwa, Adam Mosseri, Instagram team members and other creators like Laurise McMillian and Stacey Houston. Guests shared their knowledge with attendees about tips and tricks to success on Instagram and Facebook including sessions on Algorithm Mythbusting, how to Supercharge your Community, and much more.

Special guest appearances included Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg and singer/songwriter Olivia Rodrigo.

In between each live event, attendees enjoy a DJ set with tunes by @cocoandbreezy. Other highlights from day #1 were the breakout rooms where creators enjoyed a BreakOUT brunch with LGBTQ+ creators and allies in an amazing pride mixer with @jackiebeat, Black Everything Trivia where you could test how well you know the viral moments, memes and dances started by Black creators on Instagram and Game Night with @perolike.

The event continues tomorrow and offers two more days packed full of information and tips needed for online success.

About Instagram and Facebook’s Creator Week

Creator Week is virtually engaging thousands of creators - primarily in the aspiring and emerging categories - with a programming schedule that is designed to help them build their careers and personal brand, support their wellbeing, and connect them with their peers. The three-day event is host to creator meetups, DJs in residence, interactive workshops, and other surprises to help creators build sustainable careers and businesses on Instagram and Facebook.

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