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Joe P & Peter Raffoul – The Foundry – Philadelphia (A Concert Review)

Joe P & Peter Raffoul – The Foundry – Philadelphia, PA – April 30, 2023

Philadelphia welcomed Joe P for a packed night at the Foundry. Joe P, joined by Peter Raffoul on this run, is currently on his first headlining tour. At around 7:30pm, the venue was already packed with fans who were anxiously awaiting the night to begin.

First up was an incredible set by Peter Raffoul. He commanded the room from the second he stepped on the stage and interacted with the crowd well throughout his performance. Raffoul captivated the crowd with his unique tone and incredibly strong and passionate vocals. For those that were unsure of who Peter Raffoul was when they arrived, they absolutely knew who he was when they left.

Taking the stage next at around 9pm was Joe P! Joe P walked onstage with energy, immediately being met by cheers and waves from the crowd. He opened his set with “Baby Teeth,” “Leaves,” and “Happy People.” The room was full of echoes from the crowd singing these songs right back at him. Joe P and the rest of his band were full of passion and enthusiasm, portraying incredible chemistry with each other on stage.

As he continued with “Fighting in the Car,” “Color TV,” and “Middle Class Dream,” Joe P stated how excited he was to be there on his first headline tour, surrounded by people singing his music back to him. Joe P’s energy carried throughout the entire show, as he interacted with the crowd well and filled the venue with his incredible vocals.

Everything about Joe P’s performance was extremely captivating, and he created a wonderful atmosphere in the venue that night. He kept the crowd engaged and up off their feet as he finished off the night with some fan-favorites including “Kids in the Summer,” “All Day I Dream About,” and “Off My Mind.”

Though this tour has come to an end, make sure to keep up with Joe P on all of his social media and streaming platforms, and pre-save his upcoming single, “Glass House.”

Emma Fox

Copyright ©2023 All rights reserved. Posted: May 2, 2023.

Photos by Emma Fox © 2023. All rights reserved.


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