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ITZY – The Kia Forum – Los Angeles (A Concert Review)

Updated: Jun 18

ITZY – The Kia Forum – Los Angeles, CA – June 11, 2024


In just a few years, K-pop girl group ITZY have proven themselves to be a force to be reckoned with – clearly giving their all as they took to the stage at The Kia Forum in Los Angeles, where their fans (known as Midzys) filled the packed arena and cheered passionately from every angle.


ITZY made sure to kick off the show with high energy, which naturally lends itself to starting with their latest title track, “Born to Be.” Complete with dazzling stage production, the four girls walked out as silhouettes in perfect sync, capturing the audience’s attention with ease. It wasn’t long before they launched into their complex and iconic choreography that solidifies why they have quickly become one of the biggest acts in the fourth generation of K-pop.


Signed to JYP Entertainment among the likes of TWICE and Stray Kids, ITZY debuted in early 2019 and was catapulted to stardom with their hit single “Dalla Dalla.” With that song, the group ended up scoring one of the largest Billboard debuts for a new K-pop act in years and continued to break records left and right. Since then, they have continued their meteoric rise with a second world tour to celebrate the release of their latest album, Born to Be, which has created new fan favorite hits, like “Untouchable.”


The group originated with five members: Yeji (ITZY’s leader), Ryujin, Chaeryeong, Yuna, and Lia, although during this most recent tour, they have been operating as a quartet while Lia is on a break due to health reasons.

Between the mixture of engaging VCRs (pre-recorded videos) that allowed the audience and the girl group to get a small break, ITZY’s unique light ring merch that lit up the entire crowd, and the apt decision to strengthen their sound with a live band, it was clear that the concertgoing experience was a major priority for the group.


That thoughtfulness was similarly placed in curating their set. Each ITZY member was able to have their own moment to shine during the solo act. Chaeryeong wowed the audience with her mirrored dance moves with “Mine,” Ryujin showcased her punk rock persona with “Run Away,” Yuna brought the fun and upbeat energy with “Yet, but,” and Yeji radiated confidence in her vocals with the empowering “Crown on My Head.”


ITZY’s unfaltering energy throughout the entire set and their enormous dedication to their fans indicate that they know how to masterfully deliver an entertaining concert. It’s clear that they have won, and will continue to win, over many fans’ hearts as more and more people are introduced to their talent.


Larisa Jiao


Copyright ©2024 All rights reserved. Posted: June 12, 2024.

Photo ©2024 JYP Entertainment/Andy Keilan. Courtesy of JYP Entertainment. All rights reserved.

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