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Indigo De Souza & Truth Club – First Avenue – Minneapolis (A Concert Review)

Indigo De Souza & Truth Club – First Avenue – Minneapolis, MN – February 14, 2024

On the fourth stop of Indigo De Souza's 2024 tour, she stopped in Minneapolis on Valentines Day, which set the vibe perfectly for her show to follow. On her tour she continues to celebrate not only her new album All of This Will End which was released in April of 2023, but also pay tribute to her previous two albums Any Shape You Take, and I Love My Mom. In an Instagram post announcing the additional tour dates, She mentioned these dates would be full of old songs as well as new songs, creating the perfect celebration of her "intimate and anxious indie rock music."

To kick off the show, Alt-rock band Truth Club took the stage with their excited energy and their setlists written on paper plates. Regardless that they were down a bandmate due to sickness, they filled their time with positive energy, lots of smiles, laughter, and a killer set. I had never heard of Truth Club before this show, but I do plan on keeping an eye out for this band in the future and hopefully will get to see them visit Minneapolis soon with a full band. While watching the audience throughout their set, you could definitely feel the excitement radiating throughout the packed room. If you paid enough attention, you could even spot Indigo herself jamming out on the side of the stage as the band worked through their set. While their songs were a little more guitar led than Indigo's, I think Truth Club delivered the perfect performance to kick off this Valentine's Day show.

Indigo De Souza who grew up in North Carolina (as did Truth Club) released her first EP “Boys” in 2016 with her first self-released album I Love My Mom following shortly after in 2018. Her music is raw and intimate as it covers anxiety, relationships, deep emotions, and feeling detached. Her discography comprises topics surrounding death quite frequently as her music explores loss and mortality as an abstract concept. The heightened energy following Truth Club's set did not go unnoticed as the crowd (and me) waited for Indigo to take the stage. Individuals were adorned in Valentine's Day themed makeup, glitter, and an array of colors. Looking around the vibe of the crowd definitely set the scene for an unforgettable show.

When Indigo finally took the stage, she jumped right into the Valentines Day spirit by singing "Be My Love," a song about commitment and unconditional love. The rest of her set was full of ambient lighting, vulnerability, rawness and nothing but love for the individuals who filled the room. While I wasn't familiar with much of her music prior to the show, Indigo De Souza delivered a beautiful show, and she is definitely someone I plan to keep on my radar as she continues to put out future music that highlights all the emotions circulating the universe. 

Maddy Loch

Copyright ©2024 All rights reserved. Posted: February 16, 2024.

Photos by Maddy Loch © 2024. All rights reserved.


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