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In Its 27th Year, Big Apple Comic Con Hosts a Seasonal Celebration for Geeks & Nerds — Christmas Con

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Now in its 27th year, Big Apple Comic Con Hosts A Seasonal Celebration for Geeks and Nerds — The Christmas Con 


Founded and owned by comic book maven Michael “Mike Carbo” Carbonaro, the show began in 1996, filling the auditorium of Manhattan’s St Paul’s Church on 10th Ave. In the late ‘90s. BACC moved to the Metropolitan Pavilion, and for 13 years was at the Pennsylvania Hotel on 33rd St. and 7th Ave. across from Madison Square Garden. Since 2018, BACC’s home has been in the amazing, iconic 1929 Art Deco New Yorker Hotel (fully restored by Wyndham) at 401 8th Ave – across from MSG on the west side. The BACC is an essential NYC comic book and pop culture collectible event, a national hub for collectors and traders, with some of the greatest collectible books being exhibited, and traded. 

Over its 27 years, the BACC has evolved and changed, taking the reins from previous comic con masters such as the late Phil Seuling. It also experimented with promoting rock collectibles and sports cards. Now, Big Apple Comic Con – NYC’s original comic con – presents the fourth annual Christmas Con, a party with loads of gifts, prizes, and special events to celebrate Christmas and NYC’s love affair with the world of comics and pop culture collectibles. It’s a Christmas Party. Though the central theme is comic books, the convention features a large range of pop culture elements including original artwork, science fiction / fantasy, film / television, cosplay, animation, anime, manga, toys, horror, collectible card games, video games, and fantasy novels.

The BACC Christmas Con features over 100 exhibitors, plus artists, guests, and cosplayers, panels, seminars, and workshops with our guests and professionals from various fields along with feature previews of upcoming films.Of course, there is its renowned Cosplay contest, packed full of the most outrageous NYers. Cosplay has been an integral and vital part of fans’ pop culture heritage. The love of the art has led to cosplayers revitalizing conventions by creating a dynamic link between the worlds of comics, animation, cinema, and real life.


Though it's special focused on talented up and coming artists from the NYC area, the guests include top-flight masters and cutting-edge innovators:

Jim Steranko: legendary author and artist, whose real surreal imagery transformed comic book visual art.

Larry Hama: (G.I. Joe, The ‘Nam, and Bucky O’Hare) Ink Pot award winning Artist, Actor, Author.

Jim Rugg: (creator of Street Angel, which kicks butt, the coolest stuff ever) Eisner Award winner.

Ed Piskor: (creator of the world phenomena Hip Hop Family Tree Omnibus) Eisner Award winner. 


Rugg and Piskor host the super popular YouTube program Cartoon Kayfabe! (If you ain’t listening you ain’t thinking comics). 

Bill Tucci: the inimitable award-winning creator of Shi (four million copies sold) and A Child is Born (perfect gift for Christmas).

Alitha Martinez: 2018 Eisner Award, and GLAAD Media Award winner (World of Wakanda). Innovative, versatile (Iron Man, Moon Girl, Black Panther, Nubia, Archie), a complete master of the craft and culture, Alitha’s unique style and humane vision emerge whatever subject she creates.

Paul Kirchner: Underground Comic artist/author legend (Awaiting the Apocalypse, Dope Rider, The Bus)

Ken Landgraf: Indie comic cult icon (New York City Outlaws, Strangers, Blind Justice, Ink Zeitgeist, Apocalypse 5000, Atomic Hercules. (If you think out of the box, you're gonna find Ken has been there).

Keith Williams: Master artist and inker of hundreds of comics, from Marvel to DC and back.

Sean Chen: Artist and editor worked for Valiant he produced X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, Harbinger, and Rai and the Future Force (RFF #9, sold over 900,000 copies). Then for Marvel he drew Iron Man for over three years, along with Wolverine, Elektra, and the maxi-series X-Men: The End. (The next master blaster!).

Lou Manna: he worked on Thunder Agents, The Young All Stars, Infinity Agents, and is a consummate stylist.

Mahdi Khene: indie publisher, musician, is the creator of the remarkably alternative Bootleg Spiderman, and Steel Streets (Ho Ho Ho, new stuff happenin’)

Peter Kuper Spy vs. Spy Eisner Award winner (Anyone ever read Mad needs to meet this man).

Other events include Mike Vallely – skateboard legend, author, actor, and musician for Black Flag –  signing collectibles and "Blvd of the Eagles," his semi- autobiographical new graphic novel. Of course, the famous Cosplay contest, and an ugly Christmas sweater contest, with prizes by partner Ultimate Wireless. 

And yes, Santa Claus will arrive at the 40th floor of the New Yorker Hotel and slide down the chimney (elevator) with a huge bag of gifts for our little fans. The BACC is a NYC comic book and pop culture collectible event and is a national hub for collectors and traders. Some of the greatest collectible books are exhibited and traded there. As noted, BACC has now been transformed into the Christmas Con – the perfect place to grab all your current and classic comics for gift giving galore. For fans of any genre films, music mags, action figures, and much more, visit BACC‘s Christmas Con, as I will be doing. 


Event: 4th annual Christmas Con

When: Saturday, December 16th, 2023

Where: New Yorker Hoteldoors open 10 am – 7 pm (early admission 9 am)

Brad Balfour

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